Don't Confuse Ullman with Someone Who Has a Clue

**Note, my comment did not get on.**

I thought the latest blog post by Ullman was a piece of work. Nah. He was working up to it. Here's his latest comment in the thread, in its fraktastic glory, proving once and for all that he is a dumbass, and an arrogant one at that:

"I am pleased that I've stirred up a hornet's nest of skeptics, for they expose their sheer ignorance. Predictably enough, however, these skeptics are not very good at it. They seek to "defend science" but are not good representatives of good science. They seem pleased in their ignorance and yet they are arrogant...and that is a dangerous combination.

They remind me of Fox News by the way they spin information and create misinformation. I sincerely hope that readers here see through the straw men that they create. What they say about homeopathy is simply wrong and confused.

They clearly do not understand homeopathy; they keep saying that there is no research, despite the many references that I have given to such research in highly respected medical journals. They make embarrassing statements about the smallness of the homeopathic dose and then wonder how small doses of substances in the water or air do not "heal" people (again, they have no understanding of homeopathy and homeopathic pharmacology).

The good news here is that they expose their ignorance to the world, even though they use fake names. They do not even seem to have the intellectual rigor to read and understand the articles I have written nor the research to which I commonly refer. Sad but true..."

My response, as if it will get on:

My real name, bud. The only one overly arrogant here is you. We're not saying there is no research; we're saying your research is bunk. Totally different. Orac already (two years ago) deconstructed your COPD study.

Listen, I don't care if those who think magic water is going to cure all that ails you follow you right off the figurative cliff. But you sure as heck better get used to folks arguing with you that you wouldn't know science if it gave you a lap dance.

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kathleen said...

a lap dance!!! hahahahaha!

Clay said...

Most fish cautiously nibble on bait, and when they get hooked, the hook catches their upper lip. If this Kent character spent a couple hundred grand on treatments, that shows he gullibly swallowed the woo hook, line, and sinker. Admitting he was wrong now would be like pulling his own guts out. Heckenlively wouldn't know science if it sat on his face!

(I know, this post is about Ullman, the homeopathetic witch doctor. Same goes for him.)

KWombles said...

Hi Clay. :-)

We should collect a list of they wouldn't know science if it ...

Nice analogy on Heckenlively (and parents like him)and pscycology very accurate; it's going to be very hard for these parents to reevaluate their situations, reflect on it, and admit that they had some things wrong.