Desiree Jennings, Dead horses, beating them, perseveration and the boomerang effect

 And the beat goes on: Desiree Jennings and the continued insistence over at AoA/GenRes that this has to be from the flu vaccine. Holy crap (not a new article, just continued comments by those committed to the idea that it must be the vaccine).

There are smart people over at AoA. After all, they pride themselves on their education, their elitist status, their informed, learned positions and their stake on the truth regarding all things autism and vaccines.

And they continue to work with tortuous leaps of "logic" to prove it must have been the vaccine that caused it. Now it's that Jennings suffered symptoms three days after the vaccine. That clinches it. No, it most emphatically does not. And the need to insist that this had to be a vaccine injury despite all evidence to the contrary is sad.

Okay, AoAers, explain to me, she gets the dystonia from the vaccine and GenRes puts her with one of its favorite quacks who heals her magically with chelation. Problems gone. Why aren't all your kids fixed then? Some of you have been chelating for YEARS, but she's fixed magically in three days. After all, Ginger Taylor thinks the dystonia is autism, right? Ya'll remember that bit of nonsense, don't you? Oh, so the argument that some of the anti-vaxxers have made that, no they're not worried that thimerosal will cause autism in adults is kind of bullshit, isn't it, if one of their favorites thinks dystonia and autism are identical? And we should listen to her because she's smart and has a degree blah blah blah.

For articles by reputable (yup, you heard me) doctors weighing in on this matter:

http://www.theness.com/neurologicablog/?p=1195 Well That Didn’t Take Long – Another Dystonia Case Follow Up

http://www.theness.com/neurologicablog/?p=1163 Dystonia Case Follow Up

http://www.theness.com/neurologicablog/?p=1152 The Dystonia Flu-Shot Case

(yes, some of you may hate Orac, but manufacture evidence he doesn't. He also doesn't lie. And he admits when he's gotten something wrong). Orac has additional blogs on Jennings, as well.

Let me close this post with this from Novella:

"This is likely to go down as one of those cases that will forever divide the scientific community from the anti-vaccine community. They have clearly made up their minds, and their hostility and conspiracy-mongering toward other opinions is evident. While I just want to know the truth – let’s see all the evidence and let the chips fall where they may. Meanwhile, the information that we do have is pretty clear – this is not a case of vaccine injury, nor is it a case of an astounding cure by chelation therapy."


Continued insistence by AoAers et al., well, it kind of makes it obvious what I first posted over at AoA so many months ago and what launched this whole blog in the first place: they wouldn't know science if it walked up and smacked them in the head.

I'll repeat: disappointing. Damn shame, to boot. These are smart people; they could know the science if they wished to. That's the problem when ideology is driving things.


Joseph said...

It's not so much that they don't know science. I believe they don't give a donkey's posterior about science.

It's like Steve Novella says. Some of us want to learn about reality. Others just want their beliefs to be accepted, regardless of reality.

Instead of coming up with hypotheses based on observations, they come up with observations based on hypotheses.

JB Handley appears to be of the view that a scientific question is settled not by reality, but by public opinion. Hence, all the ads trying to convince the public. It's no different to any publicity campaign aimed at selling any arbitrary product.

AutismNewsBeat said...

The anti-vaccine movement is consumerism run amok. A sizeable number of parents are demanding answers. When respectable physicians couldn't deliver, a market was created for alternative treatments, DAN, and the guerrilla marketing team known as Generation Rescue. And we're all supposed to act like we don't notice.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat off-topic, but I was planning on starting a blog/site devoted to refuting the nonsense on "Age of Autism"... then this popped up in my Google Reader "recommended" feeds!

I'd be happy to help research or help out in any way (something I just recently worked on: http://quay.wordpress.com/2009/11/03/a-response-to-some-vaccination-concerns/ , which is when I first came across the Age of Autism site).


KWombles said...

Very cool, Josh! AoA-busters are always welcome. I'm headed over to your blog!

davidbrown said...

Even more off topic, but I just joined a group for a woman going to court to keep her son from receiving chelation at Wakefield's clinic. Let's keep an eye on this.

AutismNewsBeat said...

David, if you have contact info for the woman, could you send it my way?



Corina Becker said...

@AutismNewsBeat, not only is it consumerism run amok, it's faith-driven consumerism run amok, with fanatic-flavoured sprinkles!!!

sorry, couldn't resist. It's just started and holiday consumerism is getting to me.

@Kim, remember, Ginger Taylor thinks the dystonia is "autism", which is probably defined as acquired-autoimmune-disorder-misdiagnosed-as-autism, which she doesn't regularly refer to, thus giving the casual reader a false impression.

I also love the "I'm a SMART person, I has a DEGREE!!! Why aren't you paying attention when I tell you this as a MUMMY?" argument/complaint.