Why We Worry about Vaccines (Huff post comment to the article)

There seem to be some fairly sweeping generalizations by the author regarding fear levels among the citizenry regarding flu vaccines. Are most people worried about adverse effects, about being rendered suddenly autistic?

New studies regarding autistic adults show that, just as there 1 in 100 kids who are autistic, there are 1 in 100 adults who are autistic. Hardly seems validating for the vaccines cause autism charge, unless we will now shift the argument to incorporate previous generations into that causation formulation.

If you're concerned about vaccines, try reading reputable information, and by all means, be as cautious regarding your medication usage as well as your CAM usage. At least the FDA regulates medications. Not so for your vitamins and homepathics. Oh, and there's nothing to stop wackaloon doctors from profiteering off of desperate parents and peddling them the idea of deranged mineral transport and ALA as a chelator or the idea of RNA supplements that are, if they actually contained any RNA, destroyed instantly by saliva.

If some people would have as much skepticism of the woo as they did of mainstream medicine, well, some quacks might be out of business.
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Clay said...
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Clay said...

Sorry, this should have been in the previous post, which touched on the subject of 'rats', but I'm kinda spooked, as the ghost of Marlene Dietrich came by and visited, and helped me revamp her old song, "Falling in love again", as sung by Mitchell.

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All my words of poo,
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Can't help it.

Heraldblog said...

I was surprised at how poor the latest HuffPo piece was, but I shouldn't be.

davidbrown said...

A major irony is that one of the major concerns Moore cites is "off label" marketing, which is exactly what Lee Silsby and other compounding pharmacies do. I suspect that "Big Pharma" manufacturers may significantly encourage such practices. This creates a further irony, that Lee Silsby et. al. cater to suspicion of mainstream medicine, but in fact exemplify the worst of "Big Pharma" and "alt health".

Clay said...

And then Rick James came by to visit, and I told him about our friend Mitchell, and we had a few chuckles before we got around to retooling his song, which is here:


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