Read This! Shameless Plugs of Friends' Work and your chance to plug :-)

Good Monday morning! My girlies are on the mend, so worries and sleep deprivation have been eased. It's amazing what that will do for one's mood. :-) Still, I feel strongly on the prevention of that kind of worry and exhaustion on the parents' front and that kind of misery for your children. Just saying. I'll beat a dead horse into the ground, perseveration and all.

So, as I start my week out, with an Anatomy and Physiology lab midterm this afternoon (groan, but yippy -halfway there) and the prospect of grading essays this evening (same parenthetical applies), I thought I would share some reading suggestions.

David Brown has a new piece up at his site, http://evilpossum.weebly.com/vaccines.html. Look specifically at his latest article: "Vaccine madness! Do psychiatric disorders feed “anti-vax” belief?" It's an interesting and provocative read.

Turner & Kowalski always have interesting posts up. The latest, http://turnerandkowalski.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/40-hours-a-week/, provides the interesting dilemma that if it's not okay for adults to work 40 hour work weeks, why would 40 hours of ABA be appropriate. I think that Americans will probably shake their heads some, as so many of us actually work well more than 40 hours, but I'd agree that 40 hours of  repetitive therapy using aversives to get a child to do discrete, often seemingly pointless tasks is not something I'm for. Never have been.

Last one I'll plug this morning, since I really need to study for the midterm is my friend Clay at http://cometscorner-clay.blogspot.com/.  He writes some very poignant, thought provoking pieces.

I know my blog roll is buried down there some on the right, but it's worth the scroll down to see some really brilliant writers.

Ya'll feel free to plug your blogs here in the comments section. :-) And think of me frantically memorizing bones and bits.


cawill said...
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Clay said...

Glad those precious flowers are doing better. And thanks for the plug. I'll be sure to return the favor.

KWombles said...

Thank you, Craig. I hope you have a good week, too.

Thanks, Clay. :-) Hope you are feeling better.

Sadderbutwisergirl said...

I just finished up my Ability and Disability multiple-part post! Here are the links to...
Part I
Part II

And to do a little more shameless plugging for myself, here is a song parody I did recently and cross-posted to The Odditorial Board.