It seems to be the week for anti-vaxxers to applaud actors and musicians for speaking out on vaccines.

At least the worst of Brent Spiner's comments was that he liked Jay Gordon and folks should educate themselves. Yes, I think that Gordon is a physician who panders to his celebrity clientele, who wants his name out there, and who isn't the brightest bulb. But, for goodness sake, now musicians have decided they need to put out their two cents of heeping ignorance, and AoA leaps right onto it like it's manna from heaven. Well, no frikkin wonder, explains so much. And AoA's resident wackaloon thinks this proves, hell I don't know, that she's not a wackaloon. Hello, monkey virus, anyone? Umm, lime disease? Umm, I don't know what it is, but it's all bad and it's all to blame for autism and the ending of the world.

Now, I've been trying a more nuanced approach lately, I have. And I thought, gosh, let this pile of stupid go? And I considered it. I mean, I'm leaving out the other two comments piled high with ignorance that she's made today, so ain't that something? Doesn't that show restraint?

Oh, by the way,  I still feel like crap, and I caught two students plagiarizing today so I'm extremely irritated at that, so there is some slight potential that I am choosing to vent on this particular stupid-ass comment:

"And so it goes...all vaccines create NEW DISEASES and NEW EPIDEMICS...that's why I hate them so...and as such, we should too...the tide is changing...maybe we anti vaccine nuts and loons are not so crazy after all?"

Then again, this is such a seriously stupid comment that I could have been all lightness and sunshine today and still been annoyed with it. But, seriously, come on, even Craig can't think this anything other than dumb? Right, Craig? Tell me you don't think that this beyond ignorance?

You know, you take me to task for not condemning Orac for engaging in tactics I berate AoA bullies for engaging in, so just for you I wrote my Data piece, right? So, for me, Craig, can you be honest here and back me up? This is stupid. This is a problem. When we don't stand up and at least gently note the fallacy here, we're condoning that sentiment, right? Unless you no longer align yourself with them? This person admits she's anti-vaccine repeatedly. She admits she thinks vaccines are worse than the diseases. You know that ain't right. So, how come no one ever says to her, you know I think you're a bit off here? How come her stuff always seems to get on? Since it's heavily moderated and my stuff, even if it's a kudos, doesn't get on, then how can you take this allowing on of craziness while censoring most dissent as anything other than AoA's endorsement of these views?

You know?

And now, for a slightly different topic and the closest this person is going to get to acknowledgment from me:

Oh, and for my reader who doesn't get the point: I censor 2 people here (potentially 3, still on the fence there). The people banned will get no play here. Ever. Period. Unless, I suppose, they ceased harassing people, inducing people to kill those they disagree with, apologized for all their past harm and then shut the hell up. Barring that, buddies (although one of you has been smart enough to move on), I'll delete every comment like it never existed. And I won't feel a bit bad about it. They're  bullies and I don't have to deal with them And neither do my readers. I hope everyone who disagrees with their rhetoric freezes them out. Oh, and I didn't get the idea for that; I'm just following the lead of T and K. They have a wise position on the whole thing. If I could do the automatic text generator on blogger and just alter the comment to complete nonsense and leave their name and profile picture, I'd do that. Because that's frikking hilarious.

 And I hope that those few people who still agree with them and support what they're doing get frozen out from other people's blogs as well. It's called zero tolerance. And it's part of changing the world one dumbass and one bully at a time. See, kick-ass kumbaya.

So, how many knickers just got in a knot? It's the new poll of the day over to the right.


Corina Becker said...

Just wanted to mention, Dr. Jay Gordon appears to be following me on Twitter, and has even started texting me on LJ. I'm fairly amused, since he has tried to apologize for "offending" me on Respectful Insolence. I've told him that in order to be sincere, he needs to work at making amends. To which he asks how.

Joy. This is apparently an adult, older than myself, with supposedly a doctorate. Uh-huh. Right.

I just checked my knickers. Nope, not in a knot.

Thelma said...

Must not be doin it right. Ya didn't hardly irritate anyone.