H1N1 Still Killing and AoA Still Acting Like it's No Big Deal and the Vaccine Bad

Last week's stats (according to NBC News, Friday Oct 23rd):

2500 plus people hospitalized in the US for H1N1.
90 died, 11 of them children.

More detailed stats available: http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/update.htm

AoA still playing the same games and dismissing the seriousness of the virus and the benefit of the vaccine:

If you put your fingers in your ears and go na-na-na-na long enough, you really look foolish.


kathleen said...

But, if you close your eyes while plugging your ears and saying nanananananananana! You won't ever see how foolish you look! :)

NightStorm The Aspiewolf said...

I am sure they will change their tune if one of their children dies of H1N1 or maybe they won't care after all the AOA motto is that, being dead is better than being Autistic

davidbrown said...

It looks like AoA is trying to take the line that there isn't really a flu vaccine shortage. Apparently, hasty production and distribution of vaccines (which COULD lead to series safety issues) doesn't fit with their conspiracty-theory paradigm. I posted a comment simply explaining that my state isn't able to give the vaccine to people who WANT it, but it looks like they censored it. Fortunately, there are commenters saying there is a shortage.

Nostrum said...

You know, if we'd had the H1N1 vaccine out at the same time as the seasonal flu vaccine, I wouldn't be sitting here worried about serious complications with the fever and runny nose my son developed today. ;-(

BTW - he was going to get vaccinated this Wednesday. Damn. Two weeks too late if he's got H1N1 and not a common cold.

Clay said...

Have your daughters recovered by now? I'm still hanging onto this nasty cold. Mostly just needing to blow my nose a lot. No more sore throat or coughing, and not too much sneezing.

Heraldblog said...

Here in Milwaukee, we have a right wing talk show on every Sunday morning, paradoxically named Insight. Its host, Charlie Sykes, was on a rant about H1N1 this morning, saying that if wasn't for the federal gov't passing out free vaccines, private companies would meet demand through the magic of the marketplace, or some dumb crap like that. Then some Ann Coulter clone noted that the federal goverment was relying on 50 year old technology which involved using chicken eggs to make vaccines, and again, if private enterprise had any say we would either have more eggs, or better technology. The lesson was that if government takes over health care, then we can expect more vaccine shortages, more health care rationing, and never enough eggs.

These people are beneath contempt.

KWombles said...


I hope your son is feeling better.

Clay, the girlies are indeed better. I hope you are able to finally get over your prolonged bout of upper respiratory infection soon (doctor yet?).

I am now down with flu-like symptoms, so if it doesn't improve by this afternoon, I will go get swabbed. :-(


Huh. Magic of the marketplace. Well, I suppose the AoAers will be thrilled with vaccine shortages.

Never enough eggs. :-) I needed the chuckle.