H1N1 Kills. And it kills children. 76 dead. Color AoA and anti-vaxxers dumbasses

"A total of 76 laboratory confirmed 2009 H1N1 pediatric deaths have been reported to CDC since April."

Both my daughters have confirmed cases of the flu right now. We had our regular flu vaccinations two weeks ago, and the doctor who saw my daughters said they will not need the H1N1 flu vaccine when it comes out, as they have H1N1 now.

Age of Autism and other anti-vaxxer bloggers, and for God's sake, Rush Limbaugh, who AoA had to immediately claim (and welcome to him you are ), have been near hysteria over the H1N1 vaccine. Their regular commenters and other anti-vaxxers elsewhere have posited that disease is a way to cull the herd (unless it's their kid, I'm sure). They spew venom and spit out lies, distortions, and mistruths regarding vaccines and the dangers of the diseases they protect against.

76 children in the United States have died of this virus that both my daughters now have. 76 since April of this year. 76. 16 of those deaths were THIS week.

And yet, AoA and like-minded folks spew their hysteria over the vaccine. Not over the virus that is killing children. Nope. Not a word for those families. Not a thought for those children, those parents. Instead, the rage over thimerosal, aluminum and calcium chloride continues.

My friend Thelma wrote about the AP poll that showed a third of American parents polled weren't going to get their children vaccinated against H1N1. A third of them. 76 kids are dead in less than six months from this virus and a third of American parents aren't going to protect their children because of the hysteria created by organizations like AoA, Gen Res, Safe Minds, and people like Wakefield, Kirby, and the ever bustful and poop-concerned Jenny McCarthy.

My daughters and thousands of children like them are sick now with a virus that will be preventable with the vaccine that is slowly making its way to communities around the United States. Some of these children are going to die. 16 did this past week. 16.

Let me echo Nancy Snyderman, who the AoAers like to deride, and say to parents, get the damn shot. Get it for you and get it for your children. Don't stay up all night watching over your children, keeping track of the fever, wondering and worrying if your child will be one of the unfortunate children who dies from this virus. Don't be the parent of the child who transmits it to other children at school, forced to worry and wonder if a child who dies from the virus got it from your child because you were too scared to vaccinate your child.

To echo Thelma, who often calls it bluntly, don't be a dumbass.


Gonzo said...

The ignorance of anti-vaxxers is really frightening.
...And boy, do I hope your kids will get better soon.

KWombles said...

Thanks, Gonzo. ((()))back at you. :-)

Clay said...

I hope that the flu-mist they got will give them some protection, and that the flu won't hit your family hard. I think I had the flu 6 weeks ago, lasting for a week, and I no sooner got rid of it, but got bronchitis, which has been plaguing me ever since. Definitely not much fun.

skybluskyblue said...

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NightStorm The Aspiewolf said...

@Skyblueskybue: Cool Story Bro...

Gods Kim I am so scared for your daughters. I really wish I had the money to get vaccinated. I work at a school so I could probably get sick D:

Sadderbutwisergirl said...

That is just horrible, saying that it would be better for a child to suffer from the flu and possibly die than it would be for them to be autistic. That is so sickening that I can't describe it.

KWombles said...

Nightstorm, your community or county health clinic might have them fairly cheap; our county provided the regular flu vaccine for 8 dollars. It's where we got ours.

SBWG, it is horrible, and to be fair, most don't say that, but the worst of them do, and the others do not deride them or call them on it. That is an implicit endorsement of that sentiment. And just today, Age of Autism ran a piece by Stagliano which smacks of arrogant smugness regarding thimerosal in flu vaccines. There are thimerosal free flu vaccines for people who are scared of thimerosal, but these people won't do the thimerosal free versions. They've decided that vaccines are bad things and only idiots get them. I'm willing to not consider people who don't get vaccinated idiots unless their failure is out of an unwarranted fear.

There are people who cannot get vaccinated. I respect them and understand that. And I'm going to make darn sure that my vaccines are up to date to minimize the risk to those who can't.

Sadderbutwisergirl said...

I understand that there are some people who cannot get vaccinated for medical or religious reasons. That's another reason why people who can get vaccinated should. That's because these people rely on herd immunity. Explanation: Their health depends on the health of the herd around them.

Chromesthesia said...

Didn't they put thimerisol in vaccines because of folks getting infections from vaccines without it?

If I can get a shot against H1N1 i will as I don't want to get that flu.
Hope your daughters feel better very soon.

davidbrown said...

As much as they have exposed themselves as a target, I doubt AoA et al deserve that much credit for reticence about the flu vaccine. I suspect that a greater problem is that H1N1 has been in the media so long that people are no longer taking it seriously.
There's a great SF story called "The Silly Season", by CM Kornbluth, from back in the 1950s, that I think perfectly applies. If anyone is interested and can't find it, I've been thinking about scanning the text.

KWombles said...


Yes, thimerosal was added to kill bacteria in the multi-use vials.

Thank you for your well wishes; both girls, while still sick, are on the mend.
David, I wasn't blaming AoA alone; other anti-vaxxers were included. I would say that their arrogance coupled with their ignorance is astounding and representative of the larger anti-vaccination movement. And they have posted a lot on H1N1 that is inaccurate. Man, there isn't a vaccine they don't love to hate.

Ignorance of the danger the flu poses by the general population adds to the problem; flu as a concept is misused frequently and many people think of it as just a really bad cold, no big deal.

It is not, and that misperception needs to be countered. Now, I'd probably have done that somewhat less agitatedly if my daughters weren't ill with the virus. Maybe. But maybe not, as I grow irritated with that arrogant ignorance that seeks by the anti-vaxxer to keep people from vaccinating their children and themselves from potentially deadly diseases. Will they take reponsibility for the deaths that occur when people listen to them and follow their guidance? Will they feel bad when people lose their children? Not likely. Their arrogance will win supreme.

This isn't about people advocating safer vaccines and more rigid testing to identify people at risk of side effects. AoA doesn't even mess with that any more.

Nope, it's about sheople and being right. It's about arrogance and sticky blood. About autism being anything other than a lifelong neurological condition set in place by birth through a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Agghh. I could go on all day. :-(


The author said...

I will not be taking the piggy ague vaccine when it comes out, I consider the risk from swine flu is insufficient for me to worry about it, I have not had any sort of flu for a very very long time, and I have not had any kind of flu shot since my mum died, this was the last time I was seriously ill myself as I had pneumonia.

I did however recently have an anti tetanus shot, inspite of the known fact that I had a bad reaction to the last one, because in that case I did after consulting my GP consider the risk of tetanus was greater than the risk from the vaccine, never mind all the horror stories you will read if you google about tetanus shots.

The problem with vaccines is that in the age of google rare events are reported as if they happen more frequently.

The girl who died in Coventry last week, died from cancer, not the shot she had. She would have died just the same of an undiagnosed cancer had she had the shot or not, there is such a thing as co-incidence, and co-incidence is not correlation.

Corina Becker said...

There's an outbreak here of H1N1, since April, apparently. Whether or not I am at risk of getting it, I'm going to get the vaccines when they come out, since there is the chance that, even if I don't get sick, that I might give it to someone who can't fight it off.

Just wanted to point out that as of October 4th, WHO has recognized over 4, 500 deaths caused by H1N1, over 3,000 of which are from the Americas.

Seriously, anyone who argues that they're not going to get the vaccine because they don't get the flu very often doesn't know H1N1, in that it doesn't matter whether you don't get the seasonal flu very often. This isn't the seasonal flu, therefore, you are just as much at risk as the rest of us and are not only endangering yourself, but other people as well by not getting vaccinated.

Kim, I hope your girls feel better soon.

Chromesthesia said...

I'm reminded of this ridiculous piece of paper I found at the Braintree station.
I was soooooooo hoping to find another caterpillar about to pupate but instead I find this paper full of misspelled words about how dangerous the H1N1 vaccine is going to be and how it's a government conspiracy to take away people's rights, and it's communism and all the nonsense you can cram onto one red piece of paper
Frustrated I threw it away. It was one of the most stupidest things I've read besides this article that said that breast feeding is evil.

davidbrown said...

What I mean to suggest is that hype about the dangers of swine flu may have done more to create public skepticism than those actually attacking vaccination or otherwise denying the threat. Because so much time has passed without more dramatic scenarios coming to pass (s I recall, I was getting into conversations about swine flu at this time last year), it's understandable that people are getting skeptical.