Friday Morning Links and Happy Thoughts

Here's to everyone having a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend. The girlies are well and in full girlie form, which means lots of attitude by my biggest flower. These kiddies of mine have one volume: LOUD! And when the garden girlies couple it with attitude, it wakes you right up. It also makes studying for tests challenging. But their daddy is taking them to school in 40 minutes and it will just be me and bright boy in the house until he leaves for the center. Somehow he manages to be even louder, but he seems delighted to have me alone for an hour once a week. It's a nice way, even with little girl atttitudes, to end a week. And even with a test in a few hours!

I thought I'd share some more friends' sites this morning.

Marc Rosen writes for Examiner.com; you can start with this article of his: http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-21742-Long-Island-Autism-Examiner~y2009m10d5-Two-new-studies-and-the-weirdness-gets-weirder. If you click on Long Island Examiner, you can see the rest of his pieces.

Nightstorm the AspieWolf has her site at http://prismsong.blogspot.com/.

Corina is at http://nostereotypeshere.blogspot.com/.

Kathleen is at http://autismherd.blogspot.com/.

Just a reminder that many more wonderful writers are on the blogroll down and to the right. :-)

I hope everyone has a good weekend, that you are all well and well-rested. I had a pretty good week, my children and husband did as well, and for that I am grateful. :-)


jypsy said...

Here's a couple of autistics I hope are well & well rested because Sunday they'll both be running 42.2 Kms (26.6 Miles), one on Prince Edward Island, Canada, and one in Detroit, on a unique course crossing the U.S./Canadian border twice.

Check back on Alex and Asia Monday to see how they did.

Corina Becker said...

Thanks Kim!! Have a good weekend yourself!!

Excuse me while I get back to the three assignments I need to have done by Monday....

NightStorm The Aspiewolf said...

Thanks Kim, I had a pretty good day at work, I even made a card for my boss since today Is Boss Appreciation day :3

KWombles said...

Good luck to Alex and Asia! :-)

Hope the assignments go well, Corina.

Hey, Nightstorm, glad work went well!

Thought I'd throw in another link well worth reading:


Clay said...

With apologies to George M. Cohan,
we bring you Jonathan T. Mitchell singing his version of "Yankee Doodle".

I've an ass made out of candy,
Candy-assed until I die.
A real true weenie is just what I am,
Born just that kind of a guy!

I will never have a sweetheart,
All I got here is my toy.
Yes, I'm a failure in my life,
Just 'cause of autism,
I am the Woe-befallen Boy!

KWombles said...

Clay, any reaction, any dialogue resulting from your attempts to engage Mitchell?

Clay said...

Nope, I don't know what his mother did to him, or what she tells him, but he doesn't appear to have a spine. I can't imagine anyone having so little self-respect as to not respond to this, but then, I haven't actually met Mitchell.

kathleen said...

Hey Kim...thanks for the plug! You know I love both your blogs too!I'm hoping that this week goes as well for you:)