A Response to Stagliano on Gordon's Huff Post

Any odds on whether it makes it on the thread?


You give the unmistakingly clear impression that people who choose to vaccinate and who argue with evidence behind them that thimerosal is not implicated in autism are trolls. You've called them that on Huff many times. Where are the trolls, you ask, with no doubt about who you mean, when Kirby has a post up that gets ignored.

You allow obvious falsehoods on your site.

You maintain those falsehoods despite being made aware of them.

Seems to belie your willingness to engage in thoughtful debate about the need for vaccines. In fact, your tendency to call anyone who disagrees with your position about vaccines trolls belies a reasoned position on vaccines in general.

Your website's promoting of unsubstantiated vaccine injuries, as well as a general dismissal of H1N1 deaths and serious significant complications belies a willingness to engage in thoughtful debate.

I could go on with additional examples, but I believe I've made my point.
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Big surpise, this did not make it on. :-)


Foresam said...
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NightStorm The Aspiewolf said...

Only you know whether you're an imbecile or a propaganda wizard though.

I am a propaganda shaman thank you...

KWombles said...

Nice, Nightstorm. :-)

Roger Kulp said...

Both the antivaxers and neurodiversity have their own set of big lies that they embrace as gospel.It's just that neurodiversity has more of them.

KWombles said...


The last post to Jeanette on her daughter being due a regression was offensive, whether intentional or not. Coming onto people's sites and calling them liars and offering no evidence to support your allegation is also offensive.

I'm tired of your fly-by attacks and your refusal to engage in dialogue. It's been explained to you how your posts are offensive by numerous individuals across several blogs.

If you are not willing to at least substantiate your allegations when you make them, you are no longer welcome here. You've more than hit your five chances. Any future comments by you will be deleted.

Again, folks don't have to agree with me, but they do at least need to try to back up their accusations when they make them.

Mom26children said...

Hi Kim,
The comment by Roger did not offend me in any way, shape or form.
My children have NEVER regressed for any reason.
They continue to mature and are growing up to be some amazing young adults and children.
Of course, I have never tried to rid them of yeast, testosterone or metals of any kind. Those seem to be the kids that regress the most...go figure !!!
Once I get this work, mother, wife thing worked out, I will be back on the computer more....
Thanks for caring about me and my family.

Heraldblog said...

AoA is catharsis for people who can't handle the truth. An online water cooler for dim-witted sociopaths.

KWombles said...


Been missing you. :-) I know you're not offended by Roger, but at some point, when reasoning with folks that their behavior isn't okay doesn't work, well sometimes telling them they can find another place is the only way to go.

However, if Roger reads this, who can tell, since he won't acknowledge questions, we'll give him another shot.

Ken, I take it it's been a rough week. Most of the AoA crowd aren't sociopaths, although the folks spewing the most venom and selling the most woo might be. Even then, I'm willing to consider that the most venomous are hurting the most and are the most angry and that it is the sociopaths who feed that venom and that rage.