AutSpks Walk for Columbus Ohio --ASAN --- and other notes of interest on a Friday


Nightstorm, aka Bard Child of PrismSong, has asked me to share with readers a protest arranged by ASAN for Columbus, Ohio, on the 12th of October. Her blog provides more information, as does this post: http://asansouthwestohio.blogspot.com/2009/09/asan-protests-against-autism-speaks.html

Nightstorm would also like to know if she changed to blogspot, if that might make more folk comment. Why not, if you haven't given her lovely blog a try, go take a look and then let her know here or at her site which blog hoster you find easier to leave comments at?

I hope everyone has a good weekend.  I have a sizable stack of papers to grade and a chemistry test (and homework) and and A&P lab practical to study for, so am set for another weekend full of eye strain. :-)


NightStorm The Aspiewolf said...


This is my new Prism*Song blog.

Sadderbutwisergirl said...

Good luck. I can't attend the protest because I'm on the East Coast and don't live in Ohio. But I hope the protest is successful.