Vaccines And Autism: What Can Parents Do During This Controversy?


Craig, you read me. What's before that kumbaya? Hmmm? Kick-ass. No, it's not harsh; most folks do not assess information critically. It's poorly taught in the school system and so much woo is advertised that it's not an easy thing to do, especially since research has demonstrated that the more we hear something, the more likely we are to believe it; that if we do hear it and take the message in, that we automatically believe it and have to critically examine it in order to reject it.

Yeah, so, no, it isn't harsh to say that some of the most dedicated commenters, at the very least, over at AoA are not critically examining claims, not AoA's claims, and not their own. Doesn't mean I don't wish them well and every happiness, but it also doesn't mean I pretend they are examining things clearly, either. That would be kick-ass kumbaya right there.

About Autism
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Heraldblog said...

Anybody who demonizes scientists like Paul Offit, or who condemns the entire medical establishment with derogatory language, has no business complaining about tone of message.

cawill said...
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KWombles said...

I wonder if at some level you both don't enjoy this battle. If you didn't have it, would you miss it, miss the rush of dopamine?

Of course, you know that I'm not talking about you, Craig, in the new blog where I write about rabid anti-vaxxers. I know you're not. I know most people are not. And that most people are putting their kids first. :-)