Seriously, sheople dogs?

"The sheople dogs are out in force. They think if they snap at everyone they will just jump back into line. But I have news for them, their behaviour is part of the problem - you can't talk about what happened to your family because it offends them. This is conversation which denies people their experiences. It is contemptuous of individuals and it skews the scientific base. It is 'scientism' not 'science'. And every time they snap at you it just demonstrates the ugly, bully boy mentality that underpins the policy."  From John Stone, contributing editor at AoA

My response:


What happened to the veneer of civility you usually wear? Sheople dogs? Really? And then you talk about ugly, bully boy mentality? You wear that, but I won't say you wear it well.

About Autism
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Apparently, any comment you make over at Huff, you can now have posted on your blog! Wow. What advertising for Huff! I got rid of the photo of Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy they added. Frak. Really?

Now, you reckon they are going to put the comment up over there?

(And for ENGL 1301 students, this is not what I'm looking for on the Huffpicking assignments!) And to best buds who know I am supposed to be studying chemistry, I'm going to do it as soon as I hit publish. Promise! :-)


kathleen said...

HAHAHAA!!! Get to work!

Louise said...

Ima guessin that makes him tha wind beneath the sheeple dogs...thats all I'ma sayin.

Thelma said...

Snap. Crunch. Burp. Is what I'm sayin.

Louise darlin, while you is out and wanderin, Mama H wants whitecastle for supper. Ya know them frozen ones at the grocery and some of the grape Boone's. Ya gonna fetch it in a bit or do I gotta go?

Hey now, Kim, reckon ya best hit them books. Ya wanted the learnin. Gotta set the example, sure. Old lady in a sea of puppies. That's whatcha get. Coulda been like Louise and me, jus a sittin back and avoidin Mama H's walker, passin tha time on the interwebz and drinkin classy wine and whiskey. Is what I'm sayin.

davidbrown said...

Where was this exactly?
Is he comparing ME to a "dog"? The possum is annoyed.

Thelma said...

David, reckon it's at this link:

Looked for Kim's response, but it ain't there. censored again. That's alright; we gots us plenty of spots ta say our pieces.

davidbrown said...

Thelma, thanks for the link.
Here's annother (email) address to which complaints about this story can be forwarded:

Chromesthesia said...

hurm. I don't think I agree with Dr. Bob about vaccines at all, but at least he didn't get all alarmed by co-sleeping like everyone else on the Drs Did, so that's good.