To all my new friends over at Autism-Mercury and the other anti-vaxxer sites

How thoughtful of Jen to share the information so that you could find your way here. While you are here looking around, trying to decide if I am really a cat lady, or if flowers are more an obsession, I thought I'd take the time to invite you to our forum for positive support for both autistics and parents of kids on the spectrum.

It's called Raising Autism. You can find it at http://www.raisingautism.co.nr/.

Of course, we also have our Countering AoA facebook page, same mission as RA's: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=91368243169 .

You know, it's always a good idea to actually read up on the folks you want to label as crazy or despicable, etc. See if they've ever said anything as offensive as "Your right, wacko woman, I trust our bodies and God to dictate how we will naturally be killed off. It will be how it will be. That saying…the good die young…it sounds like it has some truth!" I'm pretty sure I haven't.

Ah well, ya'll be the judge. And just for fun, I'll put a poll up on the right for ya'll to weigh in on.

Read more: http://leftbrainrightbrain.co.uk/?p=3144#ixzz0SMeRj1Oe

You know, blatant misrepresentation of a person just isn't right. And when you have to resort to that to get the warm fuzzies you need,  that's wrong.

Here's what she's posting around the internet:

"From: Jennifer

Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2009 8:51:36 PM

Subject: [GFCFKids] OT: Lurker Alert...

I know when we put ourselves out there via internet we should expect that there

is always a possibility someone out there will get a hold of your information.

I'm ok with that, but what this woman did is despicable and I want every group

to know this woman is/has joined certain yahoo groups only to use people's info,

stories, etc against them...to make fun or mock those who are anti-vaxxers or

those who are pro-gfcf diet &/or biomed. 4 days ago I tried to defend a mother,

whose words were copied and pasted from a yahoo group then made to sound like a

horrible mother because of biomed treatments, and when this woman had no

argument for me she decided to take my blog profile info and post on the groups

comments for everyone to see. I am saddened and disgusted this woman, who from

the looks of her blog is a teacher of some sort, is lurking on groups for the

sheer enjoyment of making fun of parents who choose to do something about their

child's Autism. I don't want to stoop to this woman's level but I feel it is my moral duty as a

member of each group to share this person's info with the group in hopes the

list owner will delete this person based on the fact she has no intention of

positive contribution to the group(s).

Here are her email address... Kim.Wombles@

Here is her blog address...

http://kwombles. com/index. html

Here is her class notes/syllabus info...

http://kwombles. com/gp2301mainpa ge.html

And here is her blog address/link. ..

http://www.counteringageofautism/. blogspot. com/

more blog addresses of her's...

http://www.kwombles engl1301. blogspot. com/

I must say, she really loves to use the word woo!


Now, were what she was saying true, it would be one thing, but regular readers know she's lying. Perhaps she's not aware of that, so half-cocked and on the martyr trail did she go.
I have never joined any of these groups, never looked at them before this week. The groups don't have any one to delete since I don't belong.
I did the GFCF diet for four years and WE all did it, not just the kids. I don't make fun of folks who do that.
And I don't make fun of parents, and I certainly didn't do so on the LBRB thread. I might call a dumbass a dumbass but I don't make fun of them.
And the intimation that I do nothing for my autistic children is bullshit. And for her to wear the martyr mantle, and to do so on threads primarily for parents of autistic children when she readily admits her child is not autistic, that's balls. Brass ones.
And damn straight I love to use the word woo. Deal with it. :-)


Anonymous said...

Good to have your picture and class schedule. Makes it so much easier.

KWombles said...

Well that was incredibly stupid. I have IP tracer. Oh, I know it says anonymous proxy, but you don't think it can't be traced?

kathleen said...

Oh my goodness Kim. Perhaps it will make it so much easier for them to take your classes? Perhaps they realize that their "Jen" might not be telling the truth? Perhaps they are interested in what you have to say? Wouldn't that be great? Glad you invited them to RA..hey even Jen could come along. It is about helping our kids...