Names, I gots them, so says the cat lady

Hey, you know me, my winning personality, my charm, my wit. I constantly make new friends. I know, you ask, how do you do that, Kim? How do you manage to find just the nicest, sanest, most balanced people out there to be friends with? I'm telling you, I inspire people to start their own blogs, like Lurker; glad to see you are still lurking here. Am I arming you with new material? Like John Best Jr. Hey, shout out to you as well, since I know you still visit. I'm honored, I am.

This week I made a best new friend. I'm telling you, I am a regular miracle worker. I even got to add three new names to my list on the right. Wow. What a great weekend.

Ya'll get bored and want to see the nice, new, completely sound and totally decent friend I made, go on over and look at http://leftbrainrightbrain.co.uk/?p=3144#comment-65044. I bet ya'll can't guess who's my bestest new friend! :-)

Hey, she called me the cat lady. Do you think she meant that bad? Should I add that to my list of names, you think?

Oh, just for her, I'll add a picture of a cat. After all, if she'd looked here first, she might have called me the flower lady.

Hey, maybe she'll be like Lurker or Best and devote a post to me? Awww. Shucks.

And she did! Aww, I am totally honored. I am.


You know, you must be doing something right if the people who think nicotine patches on children are acceptable and that acute diseases are God's way of culling the population don't like you. Whatever will I do? The despair. I could be like Louise and say if that don't bounce my bosoms, but I don't have her cleavage. :-)

And the emails, I gots them, too. Aww. Shucks. Blushing.

From Jen, ain't it sweet? Maybe we will get to be best buds after all?

"--- On Sun, 9/27/09, Jennifer  wrote:

From: Jennifer

Subject: Re: OT: Lurker Alert...

To: "wombles@sbcglobal.net"

Date: Sunday, September 27, 2009, 9:04 PM

I'm over it. Thanks! I've already received at least a dozen emails. All saying the same, you are a very strange woman of three Autistic children. The overall feeling about you is the same...they feel pity for you and your family. I do have one question....why are you a a part of a yahoo group, such as A-M, that is really of no interest to you considering you don't agree with any of the principals???? What a way to end 4 days. I thank you, I've learned my lesson...it would be less painful to beat my head against the wall then to argue with a group who are committed to never opening their eyes to reality...poor kids."

My response:

I'm not, Jen, never have been a member of that group. Never saw it before Wednesday. Only things I read are AoA and Huff.

So glad you are over it, though. I was so worried about your well-being. Honestly. Glad you got the ego boost you needed, though. Shew.

If you thought you were going to make anyone buy into woo over at LRBR, you were sorely mistaken.
And for the record, I don't consider emails from strangers private communications. Think on that before you email again, as I have no problem using it on my blog.

I have no problem with folks thinking I'm a strange lady, and I don't care if they feel pity. Why would I? I just hope you're good with folks thinking you might be the one who's a wee bit off her rocker. Okay? If your group sides with you and my group sides with me, then we both get to walk away with our egoes boosted. Ain't it grand?

And I don't have any problem using it. Get my best material from this kind of stuff.


Mom26children said...

I love how people dish it out "anonymously", yet cower and scream with horrible names when their true identity is found out.
If you can't say something with your true identity, why say it at all ?

Mom26children said...

One comment stated:

September 28th, 2009
Ok KWombles…aka cat lady…


are you serious?????? you are judging me and sharing my info???? Really??? Are you teaching people???? If I find out you are a part of some university….


ok, here is your blog


I think you need a psychiatrist! I assumed you were a man. I am shocked a woman would post profile info on another woman. No wonder you are the cat lady!

Read more: http://leftbrainrightbrain.co.uk/?p=3144#comment-65044#ixzz0SMqlVdP6

don't be surprised if your place of employment gets a phone call..this is the way this crew works. Funny thing, the people they call don't really care ;).
One woman I know posted a comment on AoA...within minutes, the AoA militia called her place of employment in DC.
Her bosses thought it was quite comical that someone would go to such immature levels.

KWombles said...

Ah, Jeanette, you know me, no worries. :-)

It really seems like Jen just needed some dopamine release and some good-old fashioned validation that she wasn't the crazy one; she got lots of positive feedback from folks who think IGIV is great, that IV chelation is great, but somehow we ought to let folks die from acute illnesses to cull the population (well, at least Jen does); glad I could help her get her jollies off and all. I aim to serve, and all, don't you know?

I don't see my posts as having been hate-filled, although hers certainly have. I find it fascinating how folks can take reality and turn it inside out. Incredible, for sure.

Corina Becker said...

Wait... what's A-M? .... oh, Autism-Mercury. Honestly, I don't even both with the yahoo groups.

and speaking of flowers, did you add new pics? cause I refreshed a page and suddenly, new banner flowers! Kind of a nice surprise

Mom26children said...

Remember Kim,
They are not mad at their child, just their child's Autism.
How horrible it must be for the PARENT of an autistic child. They have to work so hard to "fix" them. It takes time away from them and their "me" time.
They read the lies and propaganda over at AoA and on the A-M site. They have to keep up with their peers in the newest way to fight off this Autism, dontcha know? That is tiring and time-consuming.
No wonder their marriages fail and they are broke and depressed. Depresses me reading about this crap !!

KWombles said...


I did add new flowers. :-) Of course, now I will be known as the crazy flower lady!

Corina Becker said...

You know what I suddenly realized is funny? We often comment how parents of autistic children have this self-centered-ness, when the word "autism" came from the word "auto" to describe the way in which autistics are more interested in their own selves. So therefore, a lot of these parents can be described as "autistic" by the earliest definition of the word.

And I hope you'll be known as the crazy flower lady. Really, given the rate of cat to flower pictures on here, I have no clue how they got crazy cat lady.

Mom26children said...

They had to come up with a name...so that was the best she could do !!!
WOW !!!
That is all I can say.
And this woman is raising a child !!!

kathleen said...

I love the sunflowers!! my favorite! I actually have an action figure type toy called "crazy cat lady" It is of an old disheveled person and her ten or so cats...
That woman is part of the "lets prove vaccinne causation using other peoples children" Scary scary stuff. I followed that thread on LB/RB...why did she go after you specifically?

KWombles said...

I have no idea, Kathleen; it must be my charm.


Louise said...

Well Miss Kim! I gotta say it sure does bounce my bosoms an such!Double bounce! Hells bells an a busted underwire! That woman is loopier then a a rooster with a vasectomy! If ya ken me..

Chromesthesia said...

"bounce my bosoms" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corina Becker said...

oooh, kathleen!! I think I know where I can get one of those!! Sugar Mountain sells those, and I think one of the gaming stores in town does too.

Corina Becker said...

I'm reading through the thread.... she quoted Wikipedia... **facepalm** oh gods, the stupid, it burns!! Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source of information. In fact, using Wikipedia as a source in an essay is an automatic zero and is considered plagiarism, which is a chargeable offense.
If you want to be seen as credible, NEVER quote wikipedia in a serious discussion. NEVER!!
Hell, quoting dictionary.com is better; at least it's a reliable source!!

Thelma said...

Reckon it would be right interestin ta see what ya can make of that Jen's convolutions, Corina, seein how ya did such a bang-up job with that Ginger Taylor gal. She never did come back over there and answer the questions at your blog, did she?

As ta wiki, reckon someone thinkin magic homeopathic water is real medicine ain't gonna get that Wiki ain't too reliable.

Corina Becker said...

@Thelma, it's pretty much the same as Ginger Taylor, except Jen's kid doesn't even have autism and she isn't even all that interested in playing nicely.
And no, Ginger never did come back and answer the questions. She just spewed her diarrhea of the fingers and left, which is a shame, because I was looking forward to pointing out to her that in recent brain scans of diagnosed autistics, there is a physical different in brain wiring in the frontal lobe that, if I remember correctly, is such a difference that indications "abnormal" development that begins to occur while the brain is beginning to form or sometime in the womb.
A fact that may autism-is-vaccine-injury people tend to forget.

Yeah, I don't suppose that someone who believes in homeopathy is going to comprehend that Wiki, while a good source of trivial information and a rather good search engine for things, is NOT a reliable source. I know that for some of the articles, Wiki invokes a reliable-editor policy, but fact of the matter is that ANYONE can edit those articles. However, anyone who has a university degree should know better than using Wiki, as Jen claims to have "a major in sociology". Huh-uh, right, and I've seen "low-functioning" autistics provide better critical thinking skills and spelling skills....
excuse me, I'm still a little upset over Autism Speaks, and it's carrying over a bit. Usually, I think I'd word that better. The thoughts remain the same though.