The NAA's got a plan: smear Offit the day before their "national" day of How Much Longer

I have a question. How much longer before folks wake up, wise up, and get over the woo and the woe? Oh my God. If you haven't heard of the NAA, they're certainly trying to make sure you do with this press release today on Offit, the day before they run their campaign to make autism look like a fate worse than death and the parents some of the whiniest, miserable crackpots around (wow, let it all out there, didn't I?). These folks make the "wackosphere" (as one of the AoAers calls the science based folks) at AoA look damn near reasonable.

They've got a letter to Obama that just defies description. Google their sorry rears (National Autism Association) because I am not linking to more than their lousy press release. And guess who has an online store to sell you the enzymes, supplements and other quackadoodlery that will heal (say it like a preacher would before he smacked you on the head to draw out the demons, would you, could you?) your vaccine damaged kids?

That's right. I've found someone worse than AoA.

Hard to believe, ain't it?

Oh, and someone called me a devil's advocate today because I have a problem with the lies and bullshit in this press release.

I'll be running a rebuttal from Paul Offit tomorrow as the main post and will try not to add too much posts around it so as not to distract from his words.



davidbrown said...

AoA seems to think the Reuters/NAA release represents a breakthrough into the media. We shouldn't give them that much creit. There have been many cases where propoganda and outright urban legends have been repeated uncritically by the media. Usually, the offending media either retract the story or simply let it go without follow-up until their audience forgets it.
I'm going to see if "fark" would be interested in "reporting" this. Possible pseudoheadline: "Non-scientific group says national vaccination campaign threatened when scientist doesn't say what company he works for!"

davidbrown said...

Waiting on fark, but here's a few possible headlines:
“National vaccine program threatened by what a scientist doesn’t say during TV interview”
“Vaccine expert doesn’t mention that he was paid for working for a vaccine manufacturer”
“Vaccine expert `has zero credibility in matters of vaccine safety’, says anti-vaccine group.”
“Doctor who made $6 million doesn’t say he made up to 50 million”
“`18/3=29’, say vaccine critics”
Further suggestions encouraged!

davidbrown said...

One more thing: Here's a link for sending a correction to Reuters: