Louise's Dumbass Rodeo

Louise from even Dumbasses offers this contribution (also available at their site --click on title to be taken to their site)

I know that my girl Thelma talked to ya'll yesterday bout what we doin this week an all. We on tha hunt for tha wild dumbass an such. Now our friend, Miss Kim, over at her blog rounded us up a whole truckload a dumbasses. She got herself a few a them time constraints, so she asked a couple a us for some help. Boy howdy! I understand time constraints an all! I am a popular gal in Vegas..I reckin there be plenty 'o times when one a my "friends" is a comin while another is a going! OOOEEEE! An a side o'box springs! You say goodbye and I say hello! Y'all smellin what I'ma cookin?

Yesterday, Thelma talked ta us about this Dr. Mark Hyman fella, gave us a link ta his website an all. I went back this mornin ta have me a closer look. Well jiggle my bosom an call it an earthquake! We found us a double dutch dumbass with a capitol ASS! This fella's a regular snake oil salesman. Talkin bout fixin broken brains an such! Broken Brains?? What in tha name a all things medical is that...? "This is the epidemic of depression, anxiety, memory loss, brain fog, attention deficit disorder or ADD, autism and dementia, just to give it a few names" Accordin ta this Dumbass, these "conditions" is caused by a" inflamed brain". "If your brain is inflamed, you feel nothing. Nothing that is, except depressed, unfocused,-or-worse-autistic or demented." Well pass tha "Preperation H" this man be thinkin with a inflamed hiney! A inflamed demented hiney! He aint nothin but a dumbass with hemmeroids.

Iffen ya take a look at his site, after every statement it says "buy the book now"..tells ya what he really about. Sellin books, sellin cures...makin scratch. Deceivin folks inta thinkin he got tha magic touch, tha answers they a lookin for, some secret knowledge ya aint gonna find anywhere else. For a price. He aint nothin but a pitchman, probably sells some a them "Sham-wows" on tha side!

Thelma my girl you was right on tha money with this un! We roped us a mighty fine dumbass-thats for true. Broken brains..shoot-more like breakin pocketbooks!

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