I gots to Handley you a DUMBASS and a LIAR ta boot! Louise and Kathleen's take

Kathleen from AutismHerd and Louise from Even Dumbasses Have Feelings have teamed up to bring us this blog post, posted first at http://www.evendumbasseshavefeelings.blogspot.com/:

Says Louise:

Now I reckin you folks remember that post I wrote on that feller Mr. Handley tha other day? The fella who is talkin about the big pharma conspiracy, adding vaccines that ain't neccessary an such. He is one a them co-founders a "Generation Rescue" along side the enhanced bosomed gal, and national television farter, Jenny McCarthy. He wrote the article for AoA called "Rotovirus: the vaccine nobody wants" In it, he talked about his discussion with the Oregon Dept. of Health. How they schedule their vaccines an such. He also made a point to further his smear campaign of Dr. Paul Offit-one of the creators of the rotovirus vaccine. Well, our friend Miss Kathleen decided ta do a little investigatin of her own. I'll let her tell it from here an such.

Adds Kathleen:

Thanks Louise, I feel quite flattered to be your first guest blogger. I read the article by J.B. Handley, and was appalled. Firstly, because of AoA's never ending effort to discredit Dr. Offit.

He, along with his colleagues created a vaccine that in effect has saved thousands of lives. Thousands. Instead of applauding him, AoA has made every effort to distort, misinterpret and flat out lie about him. Secondly, and more importantly, J.B. Handley, tries to discredit the need for the rotovirus vaccine. He further goes on to quote someone from the Oregon Dept. of health -"When it came to Rotovirus, the last vaccine I asked them about, I will just leave you with a quote from their spokesperson"-"[a brief chuckle] Well Rotovirus is just some diarrhea for a day or two. It's just not a big deal. That one will never be on our list." I found it interesting that a health dept. member would be so cavalier about so dangerous a virus. I further found it interesting that Mr. Handley didn't name the person he quoted. I did what any thinking person would do. I contacted the Dept. of Health in Oregon, and sent them a link to Mr. Handley's article. I asked them if in fact this were true. I asked them what their opinion of the Rotovirus was. I received their response today in the following email-


Rotavirus is a cause of acute gastroenteritis in children. Illness can be severe. In both industrialized and developing countries rotavirus is associated with about one third of hospitalized cases of diarrheal illness in infants and young children under 5. It is not insignificant nor is it anything to laugh about. The attached link will provide more information about rotavirus infection http://www.cdc.gov/rotavirus/

I can't imagine a representative of the Oregon State Health Department responding in the manner portrayed in the article. I will see if I can find out who was interviewed by Mr. Hadley. I suspect they were misquoted.

Thank you for your email,


P. Maureen Cassidy, MT, MPHEpidemiologist Immunization ProgramPublic Health Division Oregon Dept. of Human Services800 NE Oregon St., Suite 370Portland, OR 97232-2162

I am appalled at the way AoA twists information in order to further their anti-vaccination cause. I urge any parent not to rely soley on what they read on the internet, or hear from a celebrity, or a celebrity hanger on. J.B. Handley skewed the truth in his article. The very sad fact of the matter is that people will trust what he wrote. I certainly hope that no children die because of it.

Says Kim:

At this point in the setting up of this post, Thelma emailed me to say she had her two cents she wanted added in and suggested I go ahead and make it a party of four and add mine in, said something about I had probably had enough of the chemistry studying, and speaking of parties, she said to let readers know that Thelma and Louise will be having their Friday night dumbass huntin party at 7:00 pm central time at their blog. She said she'd fancy up a post sometime tomorrow for folks to share the dumbasses they have found this week or any other kvetches -- so without further ado, Thelma:

Gots ta admit  me ta a wee spot of envy; there Louise was emailin back and forth with Kathleen and cacklin as she went. Sounded like she sure were up ta no good at all an I sure did want in on it somethin fierce.

Now, I reckon tween this here nice young man David, Kim, Louise and Kathleen, that they really gots the Handley thing covered fairly well. Always room ta add that the man is a dumbass, course, that goes without the sayin, don't it?

Listen now, I been over there at Huff. Man sakes alive and at NAA, Then done stopped by at the Age of Asses. Buncha folks readin these things, mostways I figure they's decent folks wantin ta do tha right thing. Folks runnin the sites, though, ain't none too clear on their intentions. No sir, I sure ain't. Seems ta me that these here bloggers at Huff is selling their products. AoA is suckin tit ta some big woo companies as Kim would likely call em. So seems ta be this NAA, which looks ta be like AoA on the steroids and actually factually sellin the shit. not just getting paid for the advertising.

Lotta desperate people out there, and not all of em are dumb or dumbasses. Damn shame they being sold a bill of goods is what I'm sayin.

Ya'll come party Friday night.

Kim's turn:

I feel like Lawrence Welk, at least for a minute. It's been a busy week here, and I appreciate the help of David, Louise, Thelma and Kathleen and of course all my friends who take the time to comment here for making this an interesting adventure. It means a lot that you stop by, whether you stay awhile and chat or just breeze on by after a glimpse.

Getting along and being supportive are important things to do, and it's an important element of what we are trying to do at the Countering facebook group and at Raising Autism. They are growing slowly and could use your help by joining and posting occasionally to keep the conversations going.

That's not my only focus, though, as you well know. I stand to counter the woo. And to use my favorite word, frak, but there is tons of it. I don't do this alone, as this week has seen. I got called a devil's advocate this week for doing this, but I'm not sorry at all for standing up to what are provably lies. Lies. How that doesn't disturb the readers of AoA who tend to favor AoA's way of thinking is really unbelievable to me despite what I know about psychology. It's a damn shame. Paul Offit has offered two separate rebuttals on this website. AoA has known well before this week that what they were writing were lies. There are lies, damned lies, and then there are AoA's lies.

At some point, folks ought to decide where they stand. Do they tolerate lies? Do they tolerate the cesspool of hostility that it has become over there? Sheeple, sheople dogs, and the other ugliness because people disagree with what they (the editors at AoA) know are outright lies. Now Thelma and Louise might call a dumbass a dumbass, and I for sure have called folks chicken shits when they were and unbelievable asses, for that matter. But sheeple, what it implies, is seriously offensive, and I'm not even viewing it from a personal perspective, as there's no love lost. If I thought they were calling me a sheople dog, I'd add it to my list over there. It's offensive to those parents who read the science, talk to their doctors and choose to go with what the evidence says. AoA says that if you don't walk their line all the way, you are sheople/sheeple. That's what they think of dissenters. I don't imagine they think any better of their loyal readers, either.


kathleen said...

Kim, they think their readers are idiots..blatently lying because they know they won't be questioned..did you READ the comments after the "press release"? Then, when they allow one comment on that calls them on it,-people attack the commenter-. They attack on a personal level-nothing to do with what the commenter said...I believe a psychological study could be done over their. What a great idea for a psych masters thesis!

davidbrown said...

"Nice young man"? Me?? I was trying to be evil.