Help Kat get a new wheelchair --


Clay said...

Okay, just made a contribution.

C'mon folks, it just goes on your card!
Your card can afford it.

Roger Kulp said...

Why would you support this ? Not being able to walk is just another "difference" we should celebrate and accept !

Clay said...

"Have you, at last, no decency sir?"
You should be ashamed of yourself.

Could you provide a link to Kat's website, so that others could understand her situation?

KWombles said...


You really do manage to miss the point, don't you? You know perfectly well that this is not wat repecting the humanity and value of indviduals, regardless of their disabilities is about.

For example, I respect that you have value and worth; you just happen to be an ass. Not a particularly likeable one, either. I don't know if it's intentional on your part or not, but I give you the benefit of the doubt since I cannot for sure ascertain that you are an intentional ass, like Lurker is (hi, Lurker, wanted to be sure to gie you further material to twist).

Clay, here's the link:


cawill said...
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Kowalski said...

Jeez, Roger, stop making such a fool of yourself.

Yes not being able to walk is something we should accept, if there is no cure, that's why wheelchairs were invented.
In case you don't understand the social model of disability, I explained it here:

While you're educating yourself, you should also check what kind of troll you are:

Thanks, Kim!

KWombles said...

Hey, Craig,

I hope you and yours had a good week. :-)

Hi, Kowalski,

I hope Kat will soon have what she needs to get her wheelchair fixed. :-)

I like the link on the trolls.

Roger Kulp said...

I am the kind of troll who cannot accept the idea you are your disease.

I am the kind of troll who does not think autism is a "difference", but a disease,like diabetes,that needs to be treated and managed.