The good news is.....

....if they keep at it, any reasonable person is going to read the site and begin slowly backing away from the crazy; the editors have decided, apparently, to  move it away from whale.to and put it right there on AoA.

Awww, it's so nice when AoA's editors let you know just how superior they regard themselves to be to the ignorant masses; the only people who get it, really get it, are the thousand or so reading AoA. I didn't write that; THE dude did. First off, I'm going to suggest, quite lightheardedly and in a Conspiracy Theory sort of way (ya'll remember Gibson and Roberts in that movie, right?), if you believe that you are one of the few people who actually understand the world and its workings and how big government, big medicine, etc are evil and out to get you and your children and that the apparently the leader of this movement is is none other than Offit, then you might be a conspiracy theorist. Oh wait, you write for whale.to. You already knew that. At least you admit that your numbers aren't big, about a 1000. Shew. No need to think then that the vast majority of those parents of the 300,000 children with autism are believing your crap.

That was SOOOO worth breaking my rule of not reading AoA in the morning.

Oh, and the rotavirus is deadly in infants. Not in gradeschool children.

"Each year, rotavirus causes approximately 111 million episodes of gastroenteritis requiring only home care, 25 million clinic visits, 2 million hospitalizations, and 352,000–592,000 deaths (median, 440,000 deaths) in children <5 years of age. By age 5, nearly every child will have an episode of rotavirus gastroenteritis, 1 in 5 will visit a clinic, 1 in 65 will be hospitalized, and approximately 1 in 293 will die. Children in the poorest countries account for 82% of rotavirus deaths. The tremendous incidence of rotavirus disease underscores the urgent need for interventions, such as vaccines, particularly to prevent childhood deaths in developing nations."


Thelma, I have to do it, so I hope you  don't mind me borrowing Louise's and your choice of word.

Ahem, someone, and I'm not naming names, mind you, in my quest to be kinder, gentler, and less personal, is a dumbass. And someone's post might be filled with misdirection and uhmm, what's that word? Oh, yeah, lies. I think they're lies. Mhmmmm. Yup. I think so.

Thanks, Thelma and Louise. I feel better now. :-)


Mom26children said...

If the truth were told, no one would buy the propaganda the AoA has tried so hard to sell.
Twisting the truth isn't really a lie, is it?
Maybe this is how they can sleep at night, because if I was them, I would have a hard time with lying and sleeping...just sayin'

kathleen said...

Well, I contacted the dept. of health in Oregon-via email. When it is written that someone there "chuckled" and called rotovirus nothing more than diarrhea..I want to know who and why. I sent them a copy of the article and asked them if this were truly their opinion.Especially as this was a public article. I hope that they respond.
What I wish is that avid fans of AoA would research Handley-especially how much money he is making...

Louise said...

Hey Miss Kim! Glad ta oblige...an thanks fer handin us a dumbass...did a tiny bit a writin on my opinion a this an such. I hope ya'll are havin yerself a fine day!

NightStorm The Aspiewolf said...

http://community.livejournal.com/autism/471509.html so who wants to read this shitstorm?

KWombles said...


Tried to access this link, but said I wasn't allowed access, even when I logged in. Can you post a summary of it?


Love what you did at Dumbasses! Awesome! Thelma's got a beefcake and she didn't tell you? Surely not? Well, if she won't post on it when she gets back, you're going to have to fill us in!


Great idea on emailing them. Wouldn't it be something if they did no such thing as chuckle?

KWombles said...

Jeanette, I hope you're right but I suspect that as long as there are people who are desperate for definite answers as well as quick and easy guaranteed fixes, there will be an audience for AoA and its like.

davidbrown said...

Age of Autism has tried to get some mileage out of attacking the Rotateq vaccine as unsafe (not to mention Paul Offit's earnings from it). Last year, Kim Stagliano did an article on the number of VAERS reports of deaths after vaccination, which seems to have inspired free-floating disinformation about "83 deaths caused by Rotateq". I followed Stagliano's link to check what causes of death were reported, but gave up: There's nothing at VAERS but a long list of individual reports. I can't imagine that Stagliano bothered to analyze the reports. The ironic thing about rotavirus vaccination is that Rotashield represents the most recent serious controversy over safety among professional vaccine researchers, but there doesn't seem to have been any reaction to it in the general public. I suspect that rotavirus and vaccination for it isn't well-known enough to raise public anxiety like whooping cough or measles did.

davidbrown said...

More news: Latest AoA article is by JB Handley, and includes the comment that Offit made "tens of millions" from Rotateq. Made a correcting comment. Who knows? This time they might not censor it.

NightStorm The Aspiewolf said...


I didn't know it was locked, but the whole thread was some one mentioning that they are walking for their brother for an autism speaks walk. There was a like two people really happy for her while the other memebers we're like "D:< Y 4?" There was some epic tossing around the "Goldilocks Rebuttle" from one memember who kept missing the point of our shitstorm with support autspeaks.

It was just...wow. I had to back away or I would have gotten fixated on it.