For God's sake, at least AoA could argue against a real position occasionally

Busy, busy day, but in my quest for a brief distraction from the stack of essays awaiting my grading, the psychology tests begging to be recorded (and not pretty grades, shame on 'em), the A & P quiz coming up this afternoon and the chem test tomorrow that I need to study for, I popped on over to my favorite place to get enervated (anger, outrage, disgust and occasionally sheer awe at the audacity of the woo and realigned universe that AoA apparently exists in are awesome for waking your ass up).

Wow. Okay, sometimes it's the articles. Christ, but Olmstead thinks he's a clever one. Too bad, isn't it? And then there are the comments. You know, I don't know anyone who argues that autism is purely genetic and when you say that folks who view, based on the frakking overwhelming evidence at hand, ASDs as primarily genetic conditions with environmental triggers are instead arguing that it's purely genetic, you look like an incredible (insert any of physioprof's descriptive word choices here or we'll use Thelma and Louise's) dumbass. Seriously. You really do.

Ya'll keep redefining autism into the twisted, deformed, frakking unrecognizable condition that you're so busily morphing it into so that ya'll can better sell the advertisers' and sponsors' products, and I'll keep thinking you have absolutely no moral compass whatsoever in addition to being complete idiots. Oh, I know, that is so harsh. I'm not talking about everyone, just the ones it fits.

I mean, I don't need a nap now; I'm energized and raring to go right back into that A&P, so, shew, man, I guess AoA is better than coffee for waking my tired and rather well rounded ass right on up. Thanks, ya'll, from the bottom of my compassionate, caring heart. I'd tell you you were the best, but I wouldn't want you to think I meant that in a good way.

:-) I gotta add, I get some of my best laughs from reading AoA. I really do. I'm sorry. I try, I really do, to be a kindler, gentler me, but I dare any of the woo fighters to go read some of the comments from the Olmstead article and see if you don't laugh. You gotta. Ain't no choice. Wow.


Roger Kulp said...

There are a number of ND bloggers,and especially some of the idiots who comment at both left brain/right brain.and "Respectful Insolence" who contend autism is purely genetic.Both sides have their fools,but I'll take the woo mavens at AoA,I finally learned what this means,over ignorant fools like Orac any day.

kathleen said...

You had to make me go read it didn't you? Of course, they start with a comment that disagrees with Olmstead-so that everyone can attack said commenter..it is a bit too Pavlovian for me. But you are right about the substance of the comments..It is like the game telephone..one person makes a comment and each person elborates on it twisting and turning until it has absolutely no relevance..I'm starting to wonder that if on slow days they just recycle some old comments?

KWombles said...

Roger, you are so totally welcome to those woo-mavens; I really wish you well with them. You wanna go with woo over science, then by all means be my guest.

Prove to me, show me where any scientist has said autism is 100 percent genetic. I have a feeling your woo mavens understand very little about genetics based on the often asinine comments over there.

If you are happier over there, you can always stay over there. You know what I'm saying?

Louise said...

Now Roger, Ya know what I said..that I was gonna whup yer behind when ya askin fer it! You is askin for it!
Go on now..run on over ta AoA..oh but wait a second..accordin ta their friend-NAA who they support an such..autism didn't exist 30 years ago! So go on over an count fer nothin..Go on, git yerself one a them B12 pops, talk to em about yer poop an whatnot!

Sullivan said...

One of the known environmental causes for autism is congenital rubella syndrome.

That makes Stanley Plotkin (co-inventor of Rotateq) the one person in the world who can lay claim to having prevented autism.

Funny how that never gets mentioned on AoA.

Sullivan said...

Oh, yeah, the link


Anonymous said...

Roger loves him some straw men.

Anonymous said...

I've yet to see a single Nd proponent argue that ALL autism is exclusively genetic.

Such a posistion is also noticable on RI by its complete and total abscence. The known environmental causes of autism are repeatedly mentioned over at RI, all examples that I can remember of posters mentioning the known environmental causes have been almost exclusively by posters who also hold the 'non-rubella/fragX/etc.. autism is genetic'.

Appropriate mentioning of the known examples of environmental autism is very poor if not non-existant amongst the vaccine-skeptic crowd.

I have no idea who it is Roger reads, mostly because - like many on his side - the use of references is completly absent or remarkably incompetant.


Thelma said...

Hey, now, since ya keep sayin ya is busy an all, wanted ta let ya know that Thelma done took some of that weight right offn your shoulders and wrote on the big piece over at Age of Fools this week.