Anonyomous-proxied dumbass; I got me one

Anonymous said...

"Good to have your picture and class schedule. Makes it so much easier."

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I don't know, you think the person would get that if I want to take the time to pursue this with the police on my end that the police on his end could show up, wouldn't you?

I've turned the anonymous off again for comments.

Hey, Jen, you get what you wanted? You posted all my stuff out there like it was a big secret and begged folks to harass me. So, you happy? Yup, you're a nice, sweet, misunderstood mom.. Keep going with that one. You can't believe I'd put out a quote from your blog, with no identifying information, asking if the troll who was posting the crazier crap was in fact the same woman who could write about growing and learning, but your reaction, that was appropriate, huh? Oooh, I am quaking in my boots.


Mom26children said...

So much easier for what?
Please remind these people that no one is anonymous.
The person I know that posted on AoA and within minutes her place of employment was contacted in DC....she went to her higher ups and told them what was going on.
This is a personal blog and has nothing to do with employment or your ability to teach. What friggin morons !!!!

KWombles said...

I figure it was to bring me a bouquet of flowers, right? :-) I mean, no way I was supposed to take it as an implied threat to do me harm.

Dumbasses abound, Jeanette. They just do. And prove with each of their hissy fits, tizzies and threats that it so isn't about their kids. It's about being bullies and martyrs. It's a hell of a mix.

I emailed the company that hosts the IP, we'll see if that's adequate.

Mom26children said...

You know Kim,
When I decided to become a parent at the tender age of 30, I wanted to be the best mother I could be.
I remember looking at Caitlin, in my arms, the day of her birth and telling her how happy she had made me.
When Caitlin was diagnosed with Autism in 1993, my husband and myself went into parent mode and found every therapist who could help her. We went to therapy 4 times a week (all paid by insurance without question).
Caitlin has worked her butt off. She started to speak at 9 years (something we were told she would never do)...she is now a senior, set to graduate in May, with her class.
After giving birth to 6 children, we have devoted ourselves to them.
Do we lose sleep, hell yeah !
Do we do without so they can have, hell yeah !
DO we blame their Autism on this....HELL NO !!!

Many people say to me.."I don't know how you guys do it"...
I say, "Do what"?
They say, "Are so optimistic with so many with Autism"...
I always answer, "We have great kids" !!!!

It is so not about us, but about our kids. We have been blessed with kids who are funny, smart, hard-working, determined and yes, AUTISTIC !!!

cawill said...
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KWombles said...

Damn straight, Jeanette!

Craig, thank you.

You know, if I had done something outrageous, I'd understand the blowback, but unless folks really buy into the idea that list of treatments was acceptable, I can't see that thinking the original woman discussed was over-the-top was an outrageious position to hold (nicotine patches, people!), and I see it as entirely reasonable to come to the conclusion that someone who says acute illnesses are God's way of culling the population is a troll.

Ah well.

I have no problem with moderate positions on vaccination. I have no problems with appropriate medical treatment for ailments, and I have no problem with a healthy safe diet for children with food intolerances. I've come to the conclusion that people who think I'm crazy, if they are off the deep end as this one really appears to be, well, then I'm doing something right.


kathleen said...

kim, honestly they are just looking for a target..Really, if "Jen" is representative as to how these groups think...consider the source..Yes! you most certainly ARE doing something right!

Mom26children said...

I hear Gardena, CA is beautiful this time of year ;)....

Sadderbutwisergirl said...

Hey, KWombles. I started my own blog, with a link to yours in the sidebar so it'll get more traffic. It's only been about 8 hours and I've already got two posts, one follower, and three people who commented on the blog posts besides me.

NightStorm The Aspiewolf said...

Pffff, what are these people gonna do Kim? Seriously?

Gonna over fill your mailbox with boxes of gluten free cookies?

Heraldblog said...

A challenge urine test on your front porch?

kathleen said...

Stuff you in an HbOT machine with...gasp..Jenny McCarthy? AND make you foot the bill!!!

Chromesthesia said...

ok, now that would be torture. She'd probably talk in detail about her fecal matter if you're allowed to talk in one of those and nobody wants to hear about that in detail!

Sadderbutwisergirl said...

I just submitted my answer on the poll and I wasn't surprised to see that 100% of pollers responded the same.

Thelma said...

Ta bring ya some fine whiskey, for sure.

Thelma said...

I done tried them gluten free cookies before. Ya will need some whiskey to get em down.

Corina Becker said...

I tried some of those gluten free cookies once too; they made me sick. So much for gfcf diet for me....

Roger Kulp said...

I wouldn't joke about it.Some of these chelation die hards border on extremist nuts.I think they could be a real threat.

I have no problem with moderate positions on vaccination. I have no problems with appropriate medical treatment for ailments, and I have no problem with a healthy safe diet for children with food intolerances.

A couple of questions:
*What do you say when someone has an improvement like decreased stimming,improved ability to use language,improved socialization,or a newfound ability to make eye contact,after taking a given supplement ?

*Do you agree that there are interests from pharmaceutical companies that both control what gets into "peer reviewed" literature,and don't want people to use a treatment they can't make money on ?

KWombles said...


I take it seriously, but I also refuse to be intimidated by bullies. :-)

I have no doubt some of the nuts really mean the threats they make to those who disagree with them. It's really stupid to put it in writing on the internet, though, and I have the IP tagged on this threat and reported to the hosting company. If the person want to threaten again, they'll have to do it with an account.

As to your questions:

Roger, I have taken CoQ10, B2 and magnesium as a migraine preventative for years. It didn't work completely, but it decreased the migraines by about half. There are reputable studies on those three supplements regarding migraine prevention. It isn't alternative medicine when it's evidence based. It's just medicine. And who supported me with these three supplements for migraine prevention? My regular family doctor, as well as my cardiologist on the increased magnesium for heart palpitations I was having. Again, it isn't alternative medicine when it's evidence-based.

We take Omega 3 fatty acids. Why? Because it is evidence-based as helping with cognitive functioning.

I weigh the evidence, I consider the possibility of the placebo effect, but I do not dismiss something because it is a supplement.

You have this tendency to want to paint with a really wide brush stroke, Roger. I've enumerated my positions repeatedly. And this answer is completely in line with my past position statements.

I think you've watched Gary Trudeau on informercials too much as to the last question. When you put peer reviewed in quotes you're borrowing Jake's way of dismissing something something he doesn't like. Yes, there was a journal that the pharmeuctical company(ies) paid to have articles ghost written. Bad form. That might be just one of the reasons it's nice to see studies replicated before you go hanging your hat on it. Science is cumulative.

I'm always glad to see you, Roger, even if I sometimes take you to task. :-) I hope you are having a good start to the week.

KWombles said...

To all my friends who've commented here today and helped to find bits of laughter as well as showing your support of me, thank you. It more than makes up for reading the threat this morning. Not that the threat did anything much but have me snorting, but it still isn't the brightest of ways to start a day out.

Some folks could stand to grow up. If they have to resort to threats of violence, they've lost the argument.

(and I know it should be "wants to" in the prior post) :-)


NightStorm The Aspiewolf said...

To Roger,

Why is decreased stimming an improvment? Why is stimming for neurotyps ok (like tapping their foot or twiddling thumbs) but inappropriate for autists, even when there is reason for it?

I know when I stim less it's because I am sick and unresponsive to my enviroment in some cases (gotta love drugs) when I stim a lot it means something is stressing me.

Stimming natural autistic body language, people tend to miss that.

Chromesthesia said...

I tend to stim when I'm happy or when I'm upset about something like getting my foot branded with nitrogen and when I'm happy about listening to Kate Bush the Fog for the 100000000 time or when I see a butterfly or a cool moth.

Though I have to foot stim in a public place and try not to flap so much, I don't see why stimming is a bad thing.
Unless someone's stim is hitting people.

Corina Becker said...

Kim, when you said "We take Omega 3 fatty acids. Why? Because it is evidence-based as helping with cognitive functioning.", the little voice of my mother reminded me that Omega 3 is actually in a lot of our food, but it only works if it has some chemical that is, gasp, only found in fish. Which also has Omega-3 in it. So generally, eat fish once a week, get your Omega-3. General nutrition stuff I kinda felt a little obligated to say, since my mom teaches this stuff.

That also reminds me, I made an awesome fish recipe this evening that I need to post on my blog....

I stim while bored, thinking, anxious and happy, each with different types of stims.
also, yeah, some violent-type stims, not good. However, I'm wondering who and when the rocking chair was invented, because that has to be one of the oldest, most socially-acceptable stims of all.

And swings. Totally swings.

Chromesthesia said...

Now I wish I had some sort of swingy rocky thing.

Also I need to eat more salmon sushi.

Clay said...

I found that the CO Q10 really helped with circulation in my legs, both before and after surgery to install stents. I could actually feel the difference in about 20 minutes! I take Omega-3, but I thought it was for joint flexability - can't say I notice any effects with it. And I take Melatonin. A 3mg tab is all I need to help me get to sleep. Benefiber is good - you know what that's for. Might be good for Roger too.