Would it have been too hard to just report? Gotta twist it, too, and fib a bit?

I've been so busy it just dawned on me I'd neglected to check in on what AoA was up to. Well, there was the latest article, just screaming at me. Would it have been too hard just to put the information there? Hey, folks, look what the CDC has on their website? This draft for
Brief SWOT Analysis & Vaccine Safety Communication/Media Strategy, where it lays out some of the difficulties in communicating vaccine use. No instead, they have to twist it, put the draft on another website and make the claim they're presenting it to the public for the first time. I googled it, it comes right up on the CDC's website. So which is it, AoA? Who made it public for the first time? Are your readers that incurious that you don't think they'll even ask, really? and then go google it?

Age's twist:
http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/08/cdc-media-plan-shocker-we-dont-have-the-science-some-claims-against-vaccine-cannot-be-disproved-.html with their link to the article at http://www.rescuepost.com/files/jim-moody-post-swot-safety.pdf

CDC's draft, right the frak on their own website, almost like they weren't hiding anything:


Corina Becker said...

I have to say, the idiocy of the AoA crowd, fairly regularly, astounds me. I mean, come on, really? Are they really THAT desperate to buy into the conspiracy theory?

davidbrown said...

I have interacted recently over an article from earlier this year, headlined "Voting Himself rich", about Paul Offit's role in rotavirus vaccination. The article actually seems to be accurate as far as facts, and I think they have a fair point that Offit's participation in several votes was questionable. But the headline alone seems designed to imply what the article itself notes is not the case: that Offit voted for approval of his own vaccine; and that his eventual eligibility for royalties on Rotateq was a purposeful reward.
I think I may write about this next at evilpossum.weebly.com

KWombles said...

Hi, David,

Glad to see you commenting here.

I read your interactions over at AoA; I look forward to seeing what you'll have to say over at your website. Let me know when you've added it? :-)

davidbrown said...

I'm working on something, but I think I may sit on it. Something I will pass along: After finally looking at CHOP policy, I'm certain Offit was never eligible as sole recipient of an "inventor share". I want to see if I can get another response out of Blaxill.

davidbrown said...

"Paul Offit's mythical millions" now up at evilpossum.weebly.