Our Friend Anna Kennedy Shares her Story at AoA

I hope everyone will take the time to read Anna Kennedy's story over at AoA. It's highly inspiring what she's done. And it's a fine article! Kudos to AoA for running it.



Corina Becker said...

wow, I'm impressed that they ran it. It is a very fine article indeed!

Clay said...

Yeah, I read it last night, couldn't find any actual "curebie" stuff, and wondered how it got on there. The links she gave weren't very edifying, though. Couldn't find the info I was looking for.

KWombles said...

:-) What info were you looking for, Clay?

It was certainly out of character for AoA to run a piece that had no vaccine angle and no hystrionic angle. It was a nice change.

Clay said...

Um, info leading to some sort of woo. Couldn't figure out why it was on AoA. What the hey? They even printed a comment of mine.

KWombles said...

I know, no woo! Maybe Age is softening up. :-)

dedj said...

Indeed, it was so incongruous that I had to do a little bit of checking.

First, the post appear to be a direct repost of a comment made on the 14th to autismsupportnetwork, and may be related to publicising her book.

It's not unusual for authours to post to blogs to get people interested in her books, so nothing out of the ordinary there.

Also, the school she is associated with got a decent Ofsted report, and appears to be a decent quality school offering the usual autism therapies that some pro-ABA and biomed people like to claim don't exist. No mention of biomed or ABA anywhere, although I may have missed it.

I'm curious as to why the tag on the post has John Stone in it, as she appears to have nothing to do with him at all, and he isn't prominent enough (or mentioned at all) in the UK media to warrant being tagged, although he may be there because he appears to be AoA's (till now) only UK contributor.

All appears to be a mystery until you listen to her Jeni Barnett show appearance. She "knows it's a controversial subject" but then goes on to more or less state that she belives her son regressed because of the MMR. The sub-title for her book is also "The story of one mothers fight to rescue the lives of her sons from autism".

It seems AoA will gladly take someone who 'kinda-just-sort of-might' be saying similar things, even if they don't appear to be onboard with the biomed and ABA abgle.