One of the fun things I get to do...

Blogging can certainly have its rough spots, but the bright spots more than make up for it. This week has brought two young women and their blogs to my attention. So, I get to push for readers to give them a read! :-)

I shared Corina's in an earlier post; she also has a live journal one at http://neko-no-baka.livejournal.com.

Now, Bard Child (Nightstorm) is another young woman with a very interesting blog, and her latest post is a must read, I think, for parents with children with an ASD: http://prismsong.livejournal.com/2549.html. I hope you'll give it a read and check back with Bard Child and Corina's blogs.

I've also "met" David Brown and had the chance to look at his website; I hope folks will give it a lookover: www.evilpossum.weebly.com.

The best part of blogging is making new friends and allies, learning from each other and creating a support group that branches both the family members and those with ASDs and other disabilities. :-)


NightStorm The Aspiewolf said...

Thank you so much for posting up by blog I feel warm and fuzzy inside..(maybe it's the wine I drank tonight)

thank you again Kim.
Bard Child

KWombles said...

My pleasure. :-)

Clay said...

I just responded to Jake Crosby's latest on AoA. I doubt if he'll print it, so can I park it here? (Seems a likely place, though off-topic). I also like Corina's and Aspiewolf's blogs.

Breaking ground? First movie where the main character had Asperger's Syndrome? I guess you've never heard of "Mozart and the Whale", a story loosely based on Jerry Newport and his wife Mary. John Mitchell knows him very well, ask him about it.

"My condition"? AS sufferer"? "my disorder"?
"their ailment"? Where does it hurt, Jake? If there's nothing wrong with your body, how can you have a "disease"?

"and since having one (relationship) seems unrealistic,"

If You don't believe you'll have one, then you won't. You Can, if you Want one. It's up to you.

KWombles said...


I thought the same thing when I read Jake's review; I've got Jerry and Mary's book, and the movie Mozart and the Whale. Kind of a slap, isn't it? It was a mainstream movie; it got attention, as have Jerry and Mary. I decided it was more likely a reflection of Jake's youth. It's amazing what young people in their early 20s have no memory of from just a few years ago.

I hope they post your comment; hey, maybe you'll be one the contrary one's they let through to feed on!

Anytime someone says he or she is a sufferer, they've cast themselves, if not entirely in a victim role, at least in a helpless role. I say this as someone who has dealt with chronic pain for over two decades.

Attitude matters, and you're exactly right, as long as he (and Mitchell for that matter) thinks he's not going to have a relationship, he isn't.

Thanks for commenting, Clay. You're welcome to anytime, on any topic you like. :-)

NightStorm The Aspiewolf said...

I really do need to see Adam, and see how many sterotypes they shove on the character. I saw Mozart and the Whale years ago, and it's one of my favorite movies.

I'll have to read Jake's review...

KWombles said...

One of my favorite movies, too. If you haven't read their book, you should give it a read.

Clay said...

The "Adam" movie won't get to my town until Aug 28th, but it will be at my favorite theater. The local Asperger's Meet-up group plans to attend, so I guess I'll go with them. I understand there are a couple other Aspie based movies out now (or soon), so I'll look forward to seeing them too.

Gotta go looksee at AoA. I really didn't say anything Mean to him, so don't know why he'd delete it. I gave him a good response on "Respectful Insolence" months and months ago, and he gave a decent answer, at least.

KWombles said...

Jake was commenting over at Gadly that he personally welcomed responses. I don't think he's the problem; the moderators at AoA are.

Clay said...

Whoa, big surprise! He did publish my comment, and even answered it. It was also responded to by someone named Cherry, AND the dreaded Theresa Conrick! They didn't try to tear me up too bad, maybe they've forgotten the one time they printed one of my comments, (to Kim S.) several months ago.

As an aside, it was seeing the segment on Jerry Newport on "60 Minutes" in May, 1996, that gave me my first clue that I was an Aspie. I just recognized myself in him immediately, and tried to call him, while the show was still on. His # was unlisted, so I called his Doc instead, BJ Freeman. All she did was give me the phone # for ASA, and the names of a couple of books. "Thinking in Pictures" and "Autism and Asperger's Syndrome". Couldn't relate to Temple's book, and Frith's book made me kind of scared to associate myself with "autism".

Well, I hadn't heard of either of them before, and I ignorantly figured, "Hey, I'm working, paying my bills, and doing alright, so I really don't have to deal with this." And I put it on a back burner for 3 years, until a problem at work caused me to see a Counselor. She arranged for me to get tested for a Dx, and it turned out Asperger's, like I thought.

Luckily for me, my supervisor at work found out about Autreat, which was to be held in like, a week, and I arranged to go. It really opened my eyes about the spectrum, seeing people on the entire range of it, and that somehow, we were all in the same boat. It's all the same thing, just manifesting differently in different folks.
Hence, Neurodiversity! I'm all for it.