On a completely different note: 7 yr olds, cars, and the media

Anyone else think the fact that the media laughing about the seven year old stealing the car to avoid church, coupled with the family's choice to go on a media blitz where they also laugh at it, is in incredibly bad taste?


kathleen said...

You know...I was..well..I kind of understood his um...neccessity in taking the car. Gaining media attention for it-yeah it is kind of silly..I just hope it saved him some trouble.:)

KWombles said...

:-) I did, too. LOL. I completely understand, but still, can't you see the child thinking everytime he doesn't want to do something, he can steal a car or act out in someway, and not only will he not have to do the thing, he'll be rewarded and paraded on national television? Next thing ya know, the family will be on The Nanny! :-)

If it didn't save him trouble, it at least got him out of church for a time, most likely.