More Mercury on the Brain. Literally.

I ran across an interesting study that looked at the use of vitamin C, Glutathione, and Lipoic Acid in rats exposed to mercury vapor and whether these in conjunction with DMPS or DMSA would remove the mercury from the kidneys and brains of said rats.

Turns out that none of these, not vitamin c, not glutathione, not lipoic acid, alone or in conjunction with the chelators could remove mercury from the brains of the rats. DMPS and DMSA did reduce mercury in the kidneys, though, although the vitamin C, glutathione and lipoic acid made not a bit of difference.

The researchers' conclusion: "One must conclude that the palliative effect, if any, of GSH, vitamin C, or lipoic acid for treatment of mercury toxicity due to mercury vapor exposure does not involve mercury mobilization from the brain and kidney."

Ain't it fascinating the things one can find with access to three different university/college databases when one has a little time on one's hands?

Vasken Aposhian, H., Morgan, D., Sam Queen, H., Maiorino, R., & Aposhian, M. (2003, June). Vitamin C, Glutathione, Or Lipoic Acid Did Not Decrease Brain Or Kidney Mercury In Rats Exposed To Mercury Vapor†. Journal of Toxicology -- Clinical Toxicology, 41(4), 339. Retrieved August 10, 2009, from Academic Search Complete database.

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Corina Becker said...

It's fascinating. I still need a dictionary in front of me to fully understand what's being said, but fascinating all the same.