Cookie, Jenny and, a really? Are you sure? to an AoA commenter

I'm trying to be a kindler, gentler me. A me that realizes that folks who say frakking outrageous things have feelings, too, and can be hurt when someone calls out their complete over-the-topness.

I'm trying hard.

But. Sometimes you read something and you just have to fish the flies out of your mouth. I just read a comment at AoA that I have to go back to read and make sure that I didn't take it out of context, that maybe it isn't as completely offensive as I think it is.

Hang on a sec while I do that. Ya'll go take a look, too. http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/08/jenny-mccarthy-in-cookie-magazine.html

Now, the kindler, gentler me isn't going to pull any quotes on this one. The kindler, gentler me isn't going to name names. There are two comments there that irritate me, but one of them just screams, really? Are you kidding me? You didn't just type that, did you? And the moderators let it on because you're a regular commenter, right? That has to be it.

What do ya'll think? Do you see two that are more irritating than the others, one of them in particular that just is mind-blowing, or is it just me?

And a side note for a special someone. How nice of you to come over and visit. :-)


Mom26children said...

I am sure I can guess...
well, give me odds of 2 out of 3,
and I am a shoe-in ;).

KWombles said...

I'd say there are three posts there now that qualify for the you-gotta-be-kidding-me, for sure. :-)