Brief Rant on the inappropriateness of some commenters at AoA

Okay, you don't get to justify death threats, B.S., against Offit. That's complete rubbish. And AoA, you shouldn't get to keep lying about the amount of money Offit earned. You get way more wrong than right over there. And you do it as martyrs. Kudos, K. S., for suggesting this weekend that anyone who calls one of you or all of you on your beyond-flawed science, incorrect assumptions, flat out craziness, self-righteousness, downright nastiness, etc, is first not being a good Christian and second being mean and not putting the children first because you are parents to severely disabled children.


Gah. I don't know who called you morons, but it was after a spectacular string of unbelievable posts. I can understand the person's frustration, even if I wouldn't go that far. But, you know what, I will squarely pass the blame for inflaming those readers who write that stuff squarely on the AoA editors and writers shoulders. No, AoA is NOT about the kids at all. Period. It's about the parents. Totally. Or what you write about would be more about the autistic experience and helping, actually helping not shoving your nutra pills and mb12 pops on the kids, but helping them. It would be about what their lives are like, not yours and how you suffer and what you were before autism.


New rule: don't read AoA first thing in the morning when you've got lots better to do. :-)

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