B12 patches. I'm just saying.

"Lastly, a vitamin B12 patch is available, but there is little evidence to suggest that this vitamin can be absorbed through the skin."


So, if you use B12 patches and think you're getting revved off it, chances are what you're getting is a placebo effect. Why not chug an espresso and pop a sublingual B12 under your tongue. It's cheaper, probably more effective, and espresso tastes good.

Just saying there are probably better uses of one's money and time. If you really need B12, then prescription injectable and nasal spray forms are the way to go. Really.

And seriously, don't even start me on the MB12 lollipops.


Corina Becker said...

I've never really understand the whole B12 thing. B12 helps to produce red blood cells and in treating pernicious anemia, right? so what in the world is it suppose to do for autism anyways?

I'm also debating whether to restart my little test of adding B12 supplements (oral) to my pile of meds, and seeing what happens. I'm curious like that...

KWombles said...


This pag explains what the folks think MB12 is doing, at least: http://www.autism.com/ari/editorials/ed_b12.htm.

I take Rimland/DAN information with a very large grain of salt. I haven't had the time to look deeply into the idea of glutathione deficiency in autism from the mainstream science side.

Can't hurt to do the oral B12. I do. But if you get revved, it's going to be because you were psycologically primed to, not because it actually juiced you up. :-)

davidbrown said...

This sounds a lot like an urban legend about LSD in "lick and stick" tatoos... Again, no evidence it would work.