Add paranoia to the mix

I know, what can you expect from people who also have their articles over at whale.to? I mean seriously, what's a little paranoia added to the mix?

AoA writes this and had me laughing my considerably ample derriere off: "How do bloggers appear on HuffPo within minutes of a post by David Kirby with comment after comment, fully engaged in the autism vaccine debate, and yet, they never appear on "parent" posts about other issues related to autism? Are they ghostbloggers?"



First off, perhaps because you hype Kirby's posts over at AoA and a fair proportion of your readers appear to be folks like me, wanting to keep tabs on your next bit of spin, distortion, or hysteria?

Second, because controversy causes comments. So, those posts about controversy over autism and vaccines generates more interest and more bickering back and forth.

Third, the rare positive piece relating to autism gets buried by Huff and gets no attention from ya'll, so nobody is aware of it. I've commented on positive pieces that AoAers have completely ignored.

Fourth, some of the posts that do garner modest comments, say, Amanda Copeland's previous piece, discourage further dialogue because of Copeland's heavy handed approach to folks discussing the post.

Fifth, heavy moderation similar to but not nearly as bad as at AoA discourages even the attempt.

Sixth, as a personal example, one of the new posts over at Huff by Lee Woodward, I'd comment on, except I looked through the comments. Positive pieces on acceptance of diversity and disability attract a share of asses, for whatever reason.

I suspect that other folks who comment primarily on the autism vaccine controversy posts have similar reasons for not inundating other posts, other than to offer a kudos or right on. How many times can you say that?

But, hey, if you want to twist that, AoA and blame it on ghostwriters fighting Kirby, you go for it!

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