So says Huffington Post and a meander around to whale.to and AoA (Updated 0731)

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I was over at Huff yesterday looking at Amanda Copeland's new post, thanks to Alexander's (A View from the Boundaries) post on it. And I noticed this new triangle and warning before you comment.
Apparently, in the break I've taken from Huff because I was tired of excessive moderation and the continued regurgitation of paranoia and histrionics that the two remaining nemeses keep putting in, Huff put up a new sign and warning: hey, don't bother, we're afraid of people getting their feelings hurt or some such nonsense. If the moderators on Huffington were actually doing their job and following the guidelines rather than being arbitrary about it, well, that would be "okay": you'd get sanitized commentary on an article; it sounds so boring, but it would be evenhanded and done by the guidelines. I'm not sure what is going on at Huffington, but it isn't particularly impressive when it comes to arbitrary censorship based on how lazy the moderator is or whether the moderator philosophically opposed your position. If you want interesting, fly by commenting, you have to stick to the news articles. There it is still fast ball and interesting. It's not usually substantive in discourse, but you can post and it gets on.
Contrary to someone's argument that the woo fighters have disappeared because there is some new study proving thimerosal causes autism (dude hasn't provided the information and wouldn't that have made the news?), we are actually busy doing the things he himself argued people should be doing: many of us are busy trying to build up a facebook group and a forum for parents to gather, get information, and be supportive. It's far more satisfying and potentially more effective than repeatedly showing someone who goes to whale.to for his/her information that they just might not be on the right track regarding the information they're getting.
At this point, though, I figure the minute I see someone use whale.to, I know everything I need to know. It's one of the reasons the editors and regular contributors at Age of Autism have no credibility with me. They write over there, too.
Update. 07/31
Now the Amanda Copeland article is Fully Moderated and it has a flag symbol. Lovely. Sort of like this one quote from Amanda that had me cracking up: "While vaccines, directly given, did not damage my daughter, vaccines have triggered autism in about 90% of the worldwide autism population. http://www.generationrescue.org/evidence-science/05a-autism-and-vaccines.htmhttp://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/7395411/deadly_immunity"
Unbelievable, really. The whole thing. This woman had her daughter injected with IVIG 18 separate times. Despite no evidence that this was a safe or effective thing to do.
Audrius V. PlioplysIntravenous Immunoglobulin Treatment of Children With AutismJ Child Neurol, February 1998; 13: 79 - 82.
"Given a positive response rate of only 10% in this study, along with the high economic costs of the immunologic evaluations and the intravenous immunoglobulin treatments, the use of intravenous immunoglobulin to treat autistic children should be undertaken only with great caution, and only under formal research protocols."
Did that happen? No.
I get desperation, I get wanting to help your child in anyway possible. But gambling in the way so many of the loyalist AoAers appear to do or want to do blows me away. It's like the folks who want the magic weight loss pill rather than being willing to do the hard work and time investment.
And they are proud of it, proud of their rejection of evidence-based medicine, their rejection of the scientific method. They wear their rejection as a badge of distinction. It's certainly distinct. I suspect that this rejection is not simply confined to their children's medical care, but systemic and global. I further suspect, based on way too much time spent on Huff in a dialogue with several poster children for the "movement" that there is no reasoning with them at all.
So, to add to my list of sites one has to mention for me to know all I needed: Generation Rescue and Rolling Stones. Boy, if you get your autism info from these two entities, well, you might be a ....

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