Response to Doug since Huff is pissy in its moderation


Gosh, this couldn't be posted:

Deniers. Pro-autism. Attacking every single post.

You exaggerate.

Come on over and rebut, then, if you feel so badly misrepresented. If it had been created to comment about you, I'd have named it countering Doug and Marsha. Didn't, did I? And left you well enough alone until you pulled the pro-autism bunk. Oh, and have recognized you when you've been funny as all get out. Since all my sites are on my profile, it's not like I am hiding a single thing, and you know that. That's a mighty big ego and persecution complex if you really think anyone went to the trouble to create sites just to discuss you and Moffie.

You miss the point of what we're doing. And you flip flop all over the place. Are you claiming your child had an adverse reaction to a particular vaccine? That your child had regressive autism? Remember, I'm one of the few who's actually read every words you've posted on these blogs. And there's no need to be on it 24/7 when one reads very fast.

As to your last comment, what were you doing to fight autism?


KWombles said...

An addendum to another post Doug wrote, to which I replied:

After all, that's Doug and Marsha's Law.

You have no idea how much Offit earned and speculating on it serves no purpose unless it is to make someone think you know what you're talking about.

At this point, I think it safe to conclude you are not interested in finding scientific evidence of the causes, nor for finding effective treatments to mitigate the more difficult symptoms of ASDs. Nor do you appear to be at all interested in building a network of support. You are interested in baiting and inflaming, in being derisive, in passing false information as factual information, and in general, of spreading your misery.

KWombles said...

Latest response to Doug, in case it doesn't get on.

You know, that's not what we say. At all. We don't say individuals with autism don't grow, develop, acquire new skills. And you know it.

You parrot her words and add nothing to the comment. Nothing. You've spent the last several months swinging between baiting people to calling them pro-autism and deniers. You've been inconsistent at best and disingenuous at times.

We have created sites not only to counter woo, but to offer positive sides, the humor we can find in the things our children say and do. We have created groups and forums to offer support and free discourse.

And you, you offer these posts. That wasn't an attack, Doug. Perhaps you are confused as to what constitutes a personal attack. That was a question. I've offered comments. I've offered descriptions and then I've backed up why those descriptions apply.

You began this with the pro-autism and your refusal to acknowledge that it was over the line. And you've continued it.