A reply to Roger Kulp

I’m always interested to see comments on my blogs; sometimes unpleasantly surprised, but for the most part I’ve been very fortunate to not encounter nastiness here. That changed this week, but as I’ve blogged about, it tends not to weigh too heavily on my shoulders. I have a quote posted on the back of my front door that my family and I read each day on our way out into what is far too often a mean world: “What the world thinks of you is none of your business,” to which I added, “What do you think of you?”

I hope it eases things for my kids, puts things into perspective, grounds them, and it certainly never hurts me walking into a classroom of often indifferent students to keep that in mind, nor my husband when he walks into the jail each day to do his job as a deputy and corrections officer.

I’ve blogged about Jake Crosby’s backhanded way of bitching about Roger Kulp, then posting something a bit different on AoA a few days later (http://counteringageofautism.blogspot.com/2009/07/interesting-article-by-crosby-at-aoa.html). I read Kulp’s piece at AoA when it came out, and I’ve read some of his comments across the blogosphere. So I was surprised when I saw his comment on my blog, although not particularly the tone, since apparently Kulp would like to align himself with some of the more hostile folks who are all about “cures.”

It would be nice if folks actually read my actual words before deciding they knew who I was and what I stood for. But at this point, I understand that they’re not particularly interested in arguing against what I’ve actually written. It’s far easier to set up a strawman and knock it down.

So, once again, in what is all likelihood a futile attempt at actual dialogue, I will go through Kulp’s post and rebut it.

Roger Kulp said...
“You must be pretty happy,what with Hating Autism, and AOA,driving so much traffic over to your rinky-dink little blog here.It's nice to know,that even though I share pretty much the same condition as a lot of these vaccine damaged kids,the fact that I am a couple of decades older,and my autism was triggered by an infection ,that I can document, seems to give me a little more credibility.”

I fail to see how AoA has driven any traffic to my site since they will not post my responses for the most part. Unless they’ve got a secret society and email each other the best bits of nastiness, I’m going to assume AoA’s personally given me no traffic. Hating Autism, has, however. So, I guess you’d have me thank John for engaging in nasty personal attacks, distortions and outright lies since he’s brought me readers?

Rinky-dink little blog. Okay, cool. You, too, can have a rinky dink blog, Roger. Go for it.
Credibility for what? And to whom? Because I’m going to give people who come to my blog to be hostile and aggressive about zero credibility on anything.

“Clearly you have no idea what it is like to fight one doctor after another,year after year,trying to have your medical problems taken seriously.To have one doctor after another tell you ‘We can't figure out what's going on here with (Fill in name of medical problem.),but we do know you have autism.Autism is a mental illness,so you are probably making up a phony disease to get attention.That's what people with mental illnesses do.’”

Since you don’t know me, you have no idea of my experiences with health problems nor with my difficulties with getting appropriate medical intervention. And it’s none of your business.
If you got a bum deal with a doctor, you should have kept moving on until you found the medical care you needed. It’s why you fire doctors who are incompetent. And move on. I’ve learned how to do that. You can too.

“No matter how sick you get,no matter what happens ,this is what you get from doctors.This is what is worse than cancer.”

Yup, not what these mothers were saying at all, Roger, and even the way you’re spinning it, it’s bull and offensive.

“Do you have any idea what it's like,to have a childhood diagnosis of autism,recover somewhat ,and then get an acute infection,and as an adult, and regress to a nonverbal,headbanging, wall smashing,shit smearing autistic ? It's not so much the vaccines,although with what I have learned about Merthiolate,and Pink Disease, I am not so sure,as the stress to the immune system.”

Obviously not. However, whatever your childhood or adult experiences, it doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to be a cyber bully.

“Just ask Dr.Martha Herbert or Dr.Tim Buie.You know,a couple of "anti vaxer" "DAN! quacks" who just happen to head departments at Massachusetts General Hospital.”

Ask them what? What it’s like to get the diagnosis or the mercury/autism theory? Did I call them anti-vaxer DAN! quacks? Didn’t mention them. Although I’ll be happy to dig into them and let you know what I think.

“I think Autistic Bitch from Hell has the right idea,even though that's not what she meant.http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e310/autisticbfh/curethis.jpgA**holes are a perfect metaphor for what needs to be cured. (Yes I have read the post where she says. ‘They can't even take a crap without finding some sort of behavioral symptom in their crapping routine.’”

I have not read this person, so I have no idea what point you are trying to make.

“If you'll notice bowel disease,is one of the common features of Rett Syndrome,Mitochondrial Disease,and whatever other diseases involve autism.They almost all have bowel disease as a feature.Bowel disease,that like any other medical condition makes autism symptoms worse,in a sort of negative symbiosis.Do you have any idea what it's like to have to go to the ER as a child,and have to have your backed up bowels cleaned out like Rotor Rooter ?Do you have any idea what it's like to spend most of a day,or a week,with acute out of control diarrhea,and go to a doctor and have them say ‘Well that's just because you have autism.’”

What’s your point? You seem to be ranting at me because I’ve taken the position that parents who talk about their experience with their children and their experiences with autism in such negative, inflammatory, and offensive terms are not doing their children any favors. And that they need help.

You’ve used your entire comment as one giant strawman to make it appear I am unempathetic to your personal situation, which makes no sense.

“How many of you eloped as children ? You know wandering in a state sort of like a cross between sleepwalking and senile dementia,and coming around hours later,with no idea where you are or what you were doing.Just another part of "The Joy of Autism".”

Again, I am not autistic, and I am not getting into my personal medical history with you in some sort of odd oneupsmanship. Nor am I arguing that autism is a joy.
I’ve made my positions on autism clear. Either read them and argue them, or well, keep engaging in the strawmen if it makes you feel better.

“How many you have been arrested while eloping,as an adult?Arrested,in part,because,you were in a nonverbal state,and couldn't explain what you were doing?”

I’m not sure what word you really mean to use instead of eloping, but I get the sense of what you are trying to say. Again, not sure of your point.

“I can't wait for the day when those of us who have this "autistic like"inflammatory/immune,and metabolic syndrome get our own diagnosis,like those lucky mitochondrial people did a couple of years ago.Then we can leave you neuroinsanity types to revel in your precious autism unopposed.”

Now see, this just exposes you as a John Best Jr reader. I have commented on neurodiversity but I have not identified with either that "movement", nor what I have decided to call Best’s mythical movement.

Neurodiversity is an idea. Not a movement. See Gonzo’s excellent post on the subject. And I am fully supportive of making sure society doesn’t discriminate against adults like you, Roger, who are on the spectrum, even if you are rather unpleasant to deal with. I am fully supportive adults on the spectrum receiving all possible support, intervention, and medical care, oh, wow, again like you Roger, so that you can get the medical help you need.

As a closing argument, I would offer that you have spent the entire rant arguing to a fictional creation in your mind since it bears no resemblance to my positions. You are welcome to post here again, though, even if it has nothing to do with the topic at hand.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kim. Interesting posts. As a medical person, I would guess what Roger means by "eloping" is that he left a hospital - typically a locked mental health hospital or unit, but can also be applied to leaving any hospitalization without notifying staff and leaving against medical advice (AMA).

Hospital employees often call the leaving "eloping" because it is usually done in secret, at night, and often with the assistance of another person.

kathleen said...

Again-very well stated and countered. I don't know why people have been making such asumptions about you..I think that you have been very direct in your stance..it would appear almost like they aren't really reading your posts, but instead cherry picking a word or two...I find it odd. Wouldn't it be nice if that time spent cherry picking were instead used to promote research etc.? Thank you for using your powers for good :)

KWombles said...

Thanks, Dawn. He uses the term frequently in his posts/comments as if it is a symptom of his autism, so I hope he will elaborate on it.