A Reminder of Who We Are and What We Are About

Countering and Raising Autism's mission statement:

Join us if you are ready to band together and stand against:

the anger,
the bitterness,
the woo that charlatans try to sell desperate parents,
the idea that vaccines, heavy metal toxicity, lyme disease, herpes, SV-40 and whatever the next nonsense is are the cause of autism.

Join us if you are ready to:

follow the science, wherever the science leads,
accept that autism is a life long developmental disorder and that while not all children will achieve independence, many will make drastic improvements as they age,
support other parents kindly and compassionately,
be tolerant of where others are on their journey of acceptance,
be critical evaluators of both the science and the claims made by those pursuing pseudoscience,
love your children unconditionally while working to improve their social skills, functional life skills, and academic skills.

This new group, Countering AoA: Following the Science/Raising Autism, is a group ready to make a difference.

If you are looking for honest, often blunt, answers and have a truly open mind, then all the above conditions really aren't necessary. You, too, are welcome, if you are truly interested in stepping away from the anger, the bitterness, and the woo.

No comment moderation, no censoring, and no hiding. But also no harassing. Be nice. Breathe and imagine that someone else was saying that to you.

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