Now I am a crazed squirrel

"I would tend to believe that if someone was happy and content with their own life they wouldn't have to create an entire blog focusing solely on another blog and would not spend their entire day furiously going through comment after comment like some crazed squirrel. WOW! We have another winner from the ND movement."


Anon, awww, it doesn't take my entire day. It took a couple hours. :-) And I am plenty happy with my personal life.

I like the crazed squirrel imagery. So much more original.

Powered, I'm going to go live my happy life, teach my students, and play with my daughters. It's a busy day ahead. Use your time wisely, because once the kids are in bed, it's computer time again.


Sirenity said...

I am greatly amused that the posters over there have had to resort to name calling, bullying, personal attacks on our characters and looks.

I can't be bothered to post over there, seems that each comment just fires them up, giving them the glee of childish mudslinging.

Notice that no answers from foresam as to is his child 'cured'?

Seems that unless you are going to wail and cry that your child was stolen and is mercury poisoned this blogger will continue his attacks. It also appears that unless you stop promoting facts and science this blogger will call you bad names and make threats.

He is starting to match the profile for a typical terrorist-although he has not demonstrated the intelligence required to match such a profile.

Hugs and laughter Kwombles

kathleen said...

I kind of like the idea of a crazed squirrel...I second Sirenity!