Knowing bullshit when you see it. And standing against it.

Just a brief post to bring you this complete bullshit:

"Neurodiversity is an excuse not to help autistic children. Period." -- Powered_by_Starbucks


Interesting article on the idea of neurodiversity in a special education setting: http://www.newhorizons.org/spneeds/inclusion/information/armstrong.htm

Neurodiversity doesn't mean not helping individuals with special needs, extra challenges or disabilities. It means respecting and valuing them as people. It mean not disparaging, discriminating or abusing them because they have a disability.

It means helping them attain their full potential while respecting their value as human beings and appreciating them for who they are where they are and when they are.

For Powered to co-opt the idea of neurodiversity and twist it to mean the opposite of what it stands for is for her to indicate clearly how she feels about people with disabilities. And it isn't a pretty picture.

More to follow. Should be interesting.