Giving 'em props when they deserve it: AoA runs a nice post


Cecily Ruttenberg writes a lovely post about making friends with women and building community and the benefit of friendships and interaction for her son outside of the school.

It's a nice post. Her son still eats alone at school, though, and there's plenty I think could be done about that. Surely he's not the only one with autism or special needs there? Why not find a buddy that way? That way no one is eating alone. Involve a teacher or two to work actively to foster a supportive environment, one in which children are explicitly told that if they see another child sitting alone to include them. Incentivize the behavior by providing random acts of kindness awards.

Again, there is plenty to be done to make school a welcoming place for all children. It takes a sense of community and the active commitment of principal, teachers, and parents, but things can be done to make schools function better for all kids.

As for AoA, it's nice to see a piece where folks can build on a positive sense of community rather than community based on an exclusionary process (if you don't believe our woo we'll bash you typical nonsense).

It's nice to see a piece that focuses on the child and not on conspiracy nonsense or on selling one of your advertiser's products. Maybe you run more of these positive, community building pieces and less of the crazy or outright woo stuff, and we'll all be able to sit around and sing kumbaya together. And I'll be kind enough to ignore the chelation the author mentioned, especially since it sounds like she walked away from that. Sometimes we put a toe on the woo path. Sometimes we go a great deal farther. What matters is whether we discover it was woo and back off the trail or if we stay on it despite evidence to the contrary.

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Mom26children said...

My children have shared the same speech therapist, at school, for many years. Ms. Marsha has each of her "kids" pick a NT child to have a lunch with them, in her classroom, every week.
The NT kids are so excited when they are picked to have this special lunch with the children who would otherwise have trouble socially.
Ms. Marsha is there to help direct social skills and conversation...she is a gem !!!

And, if you read the comments on that wonderful story on AoA, I do not think it was the fact the kids have autism as to why no one wants to socialize with the children...
Could it be the negativity of the parent's ?
Just sayin'