Fun for all and new names to add to my growing list

So, I absolutely need to start a list over on the right of all the names I have been called. Best's blog has singlehandedly netted me the most names yet.

I have to hand it to Best and his minions, to borrow a phrase, they are a hoot and a half. Where to start?

Let's start with JoAnn: "And John posts all sane comments regardless of whether or not he agrees with them, unlike Neurodiversity. And he even sometimes allows insane comments through: that's just how nice he is."

How precisely would you know he posts everything unless you were him?

Let's follow with #7: "Wobbles: You diagree with everyone on this thread. Even if you think you know what's best for our children, I honestly can't understand why you're devoting a significant amount of your time to arguing on here? I've read over this thread and you appear to be quite the bitch, don't you?Why don't you just chill out, get off here and do something nice with your kids?"

First off, I never said I knew what was best for your kids; Best does: chelation. Note we're back to messing with my name and now we've called me a bitch. Okay, so I'm being personally attacked on a thread, but I should ignore it and not respond. Makes complete sense. Almost as much as #7 thinking he knows that all the other anonymouses are actually different people: "I'm your 7th suspected sock puppet and this is the first comment i've made on this thread. I've been commenting on here for years, and I am not John Best."

Throw in a few more: I'm unbalanced, pompous, blah blah, attack attack, crap and God help my students disagree with me. Listen, I don't have a problem if students disagree with me. I could give a shit if you people disagree with me; the problem started with Best and continued with Powered. And the little echo chamber in there of anonymouses with no courage, Best, and Powered continue the game of attacking me. So, don't be stupid enough to think that I find that intimidating enough that I'm going to shut up because someone had the balls to call me a bitch. Ouch. That's so much worse than fat slob and fatty. Really. It wounds me. Cuts me to the quick. I think I'll fall over in a dead faint at the insult of it.

I love these two:
Anonymous said...
This woman is an adjunct instructor? Where? God help the students if they disagree with her. She comes across as a VERY unbalanced, angry individual."

Tell you what, I'll ask them tomorrow. Some of my students read my blogs, so I'll ask. Heck, I say readers should vote below in the comments section: Yes, I am a bitch. No, I am not a bitch. Depends, bitch where necessary. Three options, folks. I may have to open a poll. I tell you if the bitch vote one, I'd be so devestated I think I just wouldn't be able to bear it.

And this one is rich, considering Best's threats (see Best's bests here):

Anonymous said...
"PBS-if she contnues to rant on and on about "it's too late dear" one more time you might want to look into a restraining order! I would suggest she stop threatening you."
Tue Jul 28, 04:27:00 PM EDT

I have told Powered I will reveal her other internet identities if she doesn't apologize. Go ahead, try to get a restraining order for that.

Powered apparently felt all reinforced and back in bully/coward mode:

"Kim, My little jab at you about what your child said was directed at YOU, not your child. I was chuckling about the way you handled it. How have I insulted your child? Seriously. As far as you wanting to "out" me? Go ahead. What will it prove?And why on earth would I want to be your friend after all this? Seriously. And actually, no, I am not the other anons on this particular thread, believe it or not."

Really? Your little jab, if it had been directed at me, would have been directed TO me on my blog. And I never said you insulted my child. You involved my child and twisted the post to make it appear I was not in favor of intervention. I'll take this as a no to the apology then? Not going to be holding hands and singing kumbaya?

Note: this has been edited and final paragraph deleted pending further dialogue with Powered.


Foresam said...

You forgot to include the option "Dumb Broad" for your students.

kathleen said...

Don't forget warrior woo fighting princess. :)
remember-you never have to put "my own sock puppet(s)"

KWombles said...


Thanks, I'll be sure to ask them. Of course, it's already come up in the chatter before class starts. You know, the banter of before class conversations where you ask each other what's happened in your day, that kind of stuff? I'm using this kind of stuff to prepare them for internet bullies and such. It's really handy as a teaching tool. Thanks for that, John, I appreciate it. Really excellent teaching tools.