For sheer lunacy


"Three important points:

Dr. Bernadine Healy does not buy the argument that the vax schedule is exonerated in asd. Dr. Karp's credentials are not as weighty as Dr. Healy. See also Banks V US, Poling V US.

The "temporal argument"-I have run a statistical analysis of the posts of VicDaring/Kwombles/PrincipalDad/Josephius using CDC template for large scale population studies. Using syntax analysis, I have established with 1.4 billion to one certainty that these posters are in fact the same person. If you observe four different people who are in fact and in reality different individual posters Kwombles Vic Daring Josephius and Principal Dad then your eyes are lying to you and reality is bent. Always discount any direct observations that contradict the statistical model.
Physical examination of the individual posters who claim to be VicDaring/Kwombles/PrincipalDad/Josephius is not necessary to prove that they are in fact the same person. My statistical model precludes the need for any physical examination of the subjects. If physical examination seems to contradict the statistical model then once again the physical evidence must be ignored and the statistical model adjusted to account for the inaccuracies of reality."



Nostrum said...

Wow. Hello, non sequitur.

kathleen said...

??? oh great now you get to pick 4 different costumes...I still call leather!

KWombles said...

Oh, and he's still having fun over there doing it. :-) Gotta figure he's somebody's sockpuppet, and since I've never personally responded to him, it makes it more apparent that there must be a relationship that's hidden there. Which makes him a chickenshit. Just so he knows.

KWombles said...


Okay you can still have leather. :-) I call purple for me and navy, sage, and hunter for the male "me"'s.

Makes me tempted to log in under all the sockpuppets and have them chime in. But I won't. He isn't worth the time. Especially when whoever he is could come over here and comment anytime but apparently doesn't feel strongly enough about it to do that.

kathleen said...

But we KNOW that they have been here...As for the male "yous"..can they be warrior princesses as well...it would make it even that much more interesting!

Lisa said...


He left me out!


KWombles said...

I know! Well, keep posting to him and I'm sure you'll hear from him. :-)

You're welcome to join us at RA (linked on the right side top of Countering) and at the Countering Facebook group. I hope you will!