Deranged word twister taken to new heights



Deranged word twister anyone?


Angel said...

In the second link, it is hard to figure out where your words are, and where the quotes are.

What is Swop?

I love your posts KIM!! Great job on the prison comment :)

Kim Wombles said...

Thanks, Angela.

It's hard to figure a lot out at the autismsigns site. Near as any of us can figure, the person is trying to Jabberwocky it and is running random autism-related articles through the free translators and back again until it's suitably nonsense.

The blogger should do the courtesy of linking to the individual sites he takes the work from, though. I do believe he has some copyright infringements that some folks, seeing their work used without suitable attribution, might choose to pursue. Like AoA, for example, since they apparently were able to intimidate Twitter into giving them their name, taking it away from the "clown" who got to it first. :-)

Unknown said...

Do you really think that's what it is K?

I couldn't make heads or tails of it - except that I had the impression that the person either has autism or is close to someone who does - and that perhaps - they are either on "our" side or don't like the divisiveness because it takes away from finding solutions. Not necessarily "cures".

Kim Wombles said...


I could be completely wrong. :-) I'll have to go ahead and try to comment over there and see.

Kim Wombles said...

Posted this over there:

Several of us are curious about this site, your purpose, and whether the Jabberwocky-ing is intentional or an unintentional by-product.

Personally, as you have used two of my essays now, I would appreciate it if you linked back to my website and acnkowledged the use of my words to Jabberwocky them.