And he called me a deranged, rambling word twister?

"You guys are the ones who have no hope. You say nothing can change your children's autism. Well your wrong. Autism can be changed. It can be changed by diet, chelation, drugs, therapy, and several other treatments. And since autism can be changed, then why can't it get better? I've seen my son go from bad to good back to bad and now worse than ever. How's that possible if autism can't be changed?"

Exchanges at forums, blogs, threads, and the like can get heated. And as ugly as the moderators are willing to allow through on those that are moderated. On unmoderated ones, the language, the viciousness can make a gal sit up straight and gasp. Or spew her fresca. I prefer when I'm spewing it on the screen in laughter and not in sheer amazement at the lies a person is willing to tell. Like the above. Flat out lies and he knows it. And, you, readers, know it, too. Whether you've read any of my stuff at Huff, or not, you know it by my words here. By my words at Detritus. At Science Rocks. At the Countering AoA Facebook group, and by, gods, at Huff, as well.

We'll take it line by line.

"You guys are the ones who have no hope. "

It's complicated and I won't make you wade through the posts at Huff that preceeded this post by this person, but Sirenity (Angela-- blog http://lovethosekids.blog.ca) began it with a rebuttal to a particularly ugly post by this commenter. Yes, she has no hope, and I have no hope. Nor, I suppose, do autismnostrum and autismherd (Kathleen). Read our blogs (Detritus is my person blog if you've missed it) and tell me we have no hope.

"You say nothing can change your children's autism."

No, we've most emphatically never ever said this. We've said there's no cure, but there are very effective treatments. And we've discussed them several times.

"Well your wrong. Autism can be changed. It can be changed by diet, chelation, drugs, therapy, and several other treatments."

Since we never said children and adults with autism couldn't improve, no, we're not wrong. Some children do seem to benefit from the diet. Since the poster knows I just recently stopped using the GFCF diet after four years, this is yet another proof of his willingness to be disingenuous.

Chelation. NO. Autism is not heavy metal toxicity and there is no scientific evidence to show it is of any benefit whatsoever. There is anecdotal evidence. Sort of like my anecdotal evidence concerning the diet. It seemed to make a difference, and yet NO regression off the diet and much happier kids.

Drugs don't change autism. They make some of the symptoms more manageable and having been down that route, I won't judge parents who use medications. Oh, but I'm really surprised to hear the poster say that since he has made it clear he completely distrusts big pharma. Why just tonight, he wrote this gem: "Also. What if you could give a child a lifelong disease and then sell that same child medicine for life? I'm sure they wouldn't do that." Yup. He wrote that.

"And since autism can be changed, then why can't it get better? I've seen my son go from bad to good back to bad and now worse than ever. How's that possible if autism can't be changed?"

Since I never argued, nor have my allies and friends ever posted such a statement, this is a strawman.

Now, the poster, if he reads this blog, might want to cry fowl (intentional pun on the spelling and one he'd well understand) and say I've attacked him. I've not. I've pointed out that his statements here are dishonest and inaccurate representations of my positions, and the positions of my friends and allies. And anyone at Huff who has been with the autism vaccine debates will see through this bit of nastiness for what it is.

I'll admit to in the past "attacking" the individual in the sense that I have pointed out the outrageousness of his past statements, and I've awarded him signs that involved calling him a name. A name I still feel was warranted by the statements he made. I've not namecalled here. And I won't as I don't need to. Nor will I award him any signs. He doesn't get any more signs nor does he get any more chances.

I try to remember on the autism threads that the people who are on the opposing side of the debate have feelings, have issues of their own. I try to remember they are people, too. And when a poster is really obnoxious or perseverating in the woo, I think of my son, who can be obnoxious and who perseverates past all reason. I try to realize the individual I am engaged in dialogue with might be on the broader autism phenotype, might not be intentional when his comments come across as obnoxious, as I would hope people would give my boy the benefit. Others, who are just not quite all together make me think of my grandmother, and so again, I try to give the benefit of the doubt.

I'm done with this particular poster, though. No more benefit of the doubt. No more charitable feelings. Done. He's name called without backing it up , he's posted inaccurate, inflammatory posts for no other purpose than to get a rise. He's done nothing to further the dialogue and everything to show himself to be an individual I won't even call a nemesis now. Done. I tolerate a lot, but I will not tolerate someone who tells outright lies. A sense of humor only gets one so far.

So, I hope this was worth it to him. This poster who knows of this site, since it is posted on my profile at Huff, who won't respond to my posts here, despite the invitation and the lack of moderation. Because I'm well and truly done with this person.

And, for full disclosure, this will be posted at the facebook group and the countering mirror at wordpress.


kathleen said...

As I have said before-this is someone who wants to-chooses to- be a victim. They want so much to be right-to find something, anything to blame.."OH how can this happen to me??" This is a person who doesn't see a human being when they look at their child-instead they only see a disorder-a disgrace..a glitch in their own lives. This is a person who will do anything blame anyone..blame anything...try anything..no matter what-because it gives them the "appearance" of being a caring parent...but remember appearances are oft time deceiving. This is a person who values their self and own life over their child's...and hides behind a thinly veiled guise of concern. This is a person that needs to take full credit for any of their child's progress..and needs to assign blame for any regression. This is a person whose entire life is simply about themselves. This persons holds their self in such high esteem-that when autism came and kicked them in the ass they were flabbergasted...because these things don't happen to people like them!-It can't be genetic-because this person would then have to blame themselves...Because this person is about blame...never responsibility...They are above that. There is no changing people like that..They are victims of themselves..(This person has been to this site-and they will be back..vanity is everything to them!)

Sirenity said...

I tried to find his post, but stupid huff is opening to the article, even when i link to the post number. grrs.

i agree with Kathleen. And I add, you can't change someone who is happy with the misery they wallow in.
Fingerpointers can not be reasoned with. sadly.

KWombles said...

His original post, the 24/7 deniers business that you responded to, which he then responded to by simply quoting one sentence (adults with autism), my post to him on would he like to tell my nearly 20 year old son he was a tragedy, and this post of his, followed by Kathleen's and my responses are all gone now. There's something to be said for copying and pasting the most outrageous ones. I am surprised that Huff pulled the stuff when they've left Otto's and have left equally outrageous stuff.

I am glad it's gone from Huff, and equally glad I took the time to rebut it here, so that it didn't just poof and leave him able to deny he ever said it.

cawill said...

Huff does the same thing to me sometimes, if it makes you feel better. Their moderators are a bit strange on what comments they allow and which ones they do not allow in. I swear, it seems like they let inflamatory comments in like Otto's and ANB's just to get the comment reaction.

On the other hand, it wouldn't surprise me if someone was clicking "Flag as Abusive" on your posts. Though, I've never had that work for some of the really abusive posts that I've tried to point out to the Moderators.

KWombles said...


It does, thanks. I picture the moderators at their computer feeling all-powerful as they decide who to let on and who to mess with. I want that job! :-)

I've never had the flag as abusive work, or the report abusive profile, except once, where I was trying to get someone who had put her name, town and phone numbers across three threads. With a lot of effort on several of our parts, we were able to get the moderators to pull those three posts. But, it took a couple hours of frequently contacting them to get it done.