I'm going to pin this thread over to the right for us to post any complete absurdities we run across in our readings of forums, threads, websites regarding autism.

"Julie will giving us all a lesson on how to dismantle the "studies" disproving the autism-vaccine link."


Why is this absurd? She's not a scientist. She teaches Spanish. Seriously? I don't care how well read she is, she does not have the expertise to do this, and the fact that she does it on the side of woo and gets it wrong only makes matters worse. If this is the best defense that AoA can put on; if they can't get one of their woo docs to do this, what does this say about AoA's credibility?


Anonymous said...

AoA is clearly not a science-based organization; it's a PR machine, and the folks behind it rightly understand that it isn't science or scientists that sell ideas, it's personal narratives. They don't need to have an actual scientist address scientific questions because their target audience doesn't demand it. It's crystal clear, given that they like to sell their survey as evidence of their "scientific" bent--nobody with even a 7th-grade education would mistake it for science, but it matters not a whit to their members that their $$$ were spent, not on actual research that could potentially benefit families with autism, but on validating the personal feelings of parents who desperately want to believe that vaccines are the cause of their children's autism.

I think it is a mistake for orgs like Every Child By Two to try to "outcelebrity" AoA. Jenny McCarthy was a C-list celebrity, but has a much more compelling personal story than does Amanda Peet.

In the end, it's not "credibility" that is AoA'ss bread-and-butter. They could have Koko the Gorilla write their "sciency" stuff; so long as she has a good sob story about a kid with autism and her plucky determination to "research" all the stuff Big Science doesn't want you to know, she's got an adoring audience.

KWombles said...

Well said. And undoubtedly true, Confutata. It's a damn shame, though, isn't it?

Sirenity said...

This is minor in the scheme of things, but that post they have about House (TV show) using chelation and having the 'same lack of concern' about it as he did for 'other medical treatments' made me .... sigh in dejection.

What next? Bugs Bunny volunteers for chelation from mercury poisoned carrots and lets use that as proof??

KWombles said...

Sirenity! You're back! I've missed you. :-)

I saw the House article on AoA. Battles, gotta pick them. We'd need a big team to go through all of AoA's lies, misinformation and complete asshat-ery to deconstruct and correct every thing!

The real question becomes how do you offer a counter to their often sheer lunacy in a way that attracts the fringe. And do you want to? Here's what gets me; there really are well-educated folks over there. And smart folks. Apparently buying into some really glaring idiocies. Why?

KWombles said...

John Best Jr. Massive absurdity.