WTF, Doug, if you read my blog, explain to me

Your apparent split personality.


"Ready for another bomb?I don't believe vaccines are the sole cause of autism. But they are undeniably the leading suspect. I also believe genetics are who we are minus the enviromental triggers. You guys assume too much too often. You don't understand how I can be on "both" sides of an issue. It's because nothing in this world is definite while everything in this world is definite. Everything has a defined meaning but that meaning can change with some outside influence or pressure. A synergy of sorts. In your world. If two armies meet on the battlefield, the stronger army wins. Why? Because data says so. But you can change the outcome by numerous factors. One of my favorites is overconfidence. We defeated the British in some battles by acting defeated. It forces an overconfident general to let down his defenses and charge to his death. Data can be munipulated in so many ways, not just how it appears. So what don't we know today that we'll assume as given tomorrow? Why not keep an open mind about every angle and every dimension?"

My response:

If the bulk of your posts demonstrated that you held the above position that would be a different matter, but they do not do that. They overwhelmingly place you on Flavor, Mofmars, Crunchy and Hydra's extremes position.

Either you intentionally bait others and do not mean everything you say (pro-autism) or you do mean all those posts and it is only when you pause for reflection and really think about it that you back away from the extremism. Which means you are swayed by the group you find yourself in at the time.

I believe that those who are pro-science are open-minded; they will follow the science wherever it goes. The vast majority of those who are convinced it is the vaccines will not. Nothing will ever change their minds.

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