Words to delight by THE boy (my boy)

Last night at the dinner table, we're sitting discussing a chapter book I wrote for the kids, which the two oldest have read (either all of or some of), and which they've been hearing about for months, as in, go ahead, do that. It'll go into the book. They are absolutely delighted with their representations in the story, which is from the perspective of a 7 year old girl with Asperger's, who is sandwiched between her brother and sister in an autism sandwich (both have autism). We're discussing this idea of an autism sandwich, which has the boy completely flummoxed, as he gets that they are all on the spectrum but doesn't get the point of the sandwich analogy. The girl starts explaining it to him (although it should be noted I had to explain to her that her character Sarah Ann's nickname of Saran Wrap was not a misspelling of Sarah Ann but a nickname), and she tells him that the little one is the bottom of the autism sandwich, that she is the Aspie in the middle and that he is the top. He hems and haws for a minute and finally sputters out it's better to be autism than Asperger's. Which has Rick and me looking at each other and laughing, and the girl looking at her brother like he's a wee bit off. I can see her weighing it and considering pointing out that she'll be responsible for him someday, so she's pretty sure Aspie's is "better" but she looks at me first questioningly and thankfully understands my headshake and lets it go. Which is pretty miraculous, in and of itself.

Now, to a note the boy left me, painstakingly written by hand (he spells very few words, so uses a wordbook for almost all writing):

Sorry for takeing your 2 $10.00 but I need a Ticket for the bus C.A.R.R. ride.

from Robert Wombles.
P.S. I forgot to tell you to have a good day.

These are the things that make me smile and laugh through the days. So, if you ever see me just bust out for no reason, it's probably something one of my impossibly beautiful, quirky, difficult, and delightful children have done or said. :-)

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