Why telling the opposition they are drinking the kool aid is offensive

In all truth, I didn’t HAVE to go back a year plus to find something to criticize Kim S. on (see her latest hawking of MB12 lollipops, which apparently have an instantaneous effect on her mood and energy level. Sure.) http://www.ageofautism.com/2009/06/testimonials-for-revitapop-mb12-lollipops-.html

But, when I saw this, I had to comment on it. Wandering through articles at AoA, I found this gem linking to an article Kim S. did at Huff.

I’ve been through this before with another poster on the drinking the kool aid comment, and I’ll wade through it again because it bears saying: it is offensive to use this term. No reasonable person who knows where the term originated from and thinks of the people who went to their deaths literally drinking poisoned kool aid in their frenzied desire to follow Jim Jones or who were forced to drink it should view this as anything but offensive. And it’s another example of the length to which AoA leaders and commenters will go in their efforts to overlay the dialogue with rampant emotionalism. It suggests further the lack of a solid scientific argument with which to rebut.

It’s a dirty trick and should be called such when it is used.

“The phrase Drinking the Kool-Aid means to become a firm believer in something, to accept an argument or philosophy wholeheartedly or blindly.[1][2][1][3] The term orginated with the "Jonestown Massacre".[4]


It reads as follows:

“No, that's not a typo. I meant Kook Aid.In the words of Mary Chapin Carpenter, "Some days you're the windshield. Some days you're the bug." This week I was the bug. And the autism world (those of us who care about helping kids feel better that is) have been "the bug" for a long time. So today I took off the gloves on HuffPo. I might have even taken off my bra and panties..... Read it HERE and please do comment on the HuffPo site.”
You can find this at: http://www.ageofautism.com/2008/03/kim-stagliano-i.html.

The piece she’s referring to is “”I'm Not Drinking the Kook (I Mean, Kool) Aid

Some of the little gems from this piece:

“Moms and Dads are waking up and refusing to drink the Kool Aid offered by their patronizing pediatrician, CDC Pharma shill, FDA schmuck.”

Now, Objective Autism Dad, this is snide, malicious, and nasty. It is offensive. It also clearly indicate the contempt with which Kim S. holds people and agencies who don’t agree with her view of the world.

Well, Kim S., I hope you stay away from the medical community and the governmental agencies you despise. Since you hold the government in such contempt, I’m sure you won’t avail yourself of any services they provide families with disabled children.

“The reason? Sick kids keep Mom and Dad home from work. Newsflash: If you think staying home for a few days to care for your kid is expensive, try having to quit your career to care for a child with autism for the next oh, 70 years.”

No, it might be more in the lines of preventing deaths. Apparently 100 plus otherwise healthy children dying annually from the flu is an acceptable loss to Kim S. Plus, there is a wealth of studies showing no evidence of a link between thimerosal and autism. And I have you on record over at Huff admitting it’s probably genetic, with environmental triggers. I also have it linked in another post where you admit that your third child is unvaccinated and yet is autistic.

“Parents understand that drug companies lie, cheat, fudge data and advertise using fear to sell all of their products - and that includes vaccines. Parents have lost trust in their doctors. The doctors have no one to blame but themselves for having gorged themselves at the Big Pharma trough for so many years. Parents are thirsty for knowledge - not Kook (I mean Kool) Aid.”

And parents will come to understand that certain websites cloak themselves in holier-than-thou sanctimony, claim that their viewpoint on autism is the only right one, and that any parents not agreeing with them are wrong, pharma shills, etc. They will also come to understand the hypocrisy in complaining about big pharma advertising while being sponsored by nutraceutical companies and while actually having the temerity to write posts in multiple places hawking these nutraceutical products that will recover people’s children.


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