Why I take a stand; why I bother

Craig's comment, responded to in the previous blog, played through my mind as I drove my girlies to their summer school program (two weeks left and then I'm on my own in trying to find opportunities to engage their social skills with neurotypical children for the seven remaining weeks of the summer). Why do people who disagree with AoA bother to read the site? Why do some of us stand up and counter the misinformation the editors allow on? After all, we don't have to do this.

I'm not certain just who all Craig thinks is standing against AoA, but he seems to feel they are outsiders to the autism community. I am sure that many are, that many scientists who have conducted the science showing no credible evidence linking autism and vaccines have no personal stake in the situation. However, there are many who are parents with absolutely personal stakes in this.

Craig calls for this other side to reach out, to ask how they can help, to educate, to engage in discussion. While Craig has personally shown a willingness at times to discuss and to engage in dialogue, the same cannot be said for many who comment at AoA. Of course, since AoA appears to heavily moderate their comments section, it is impossible to assess what the actual percentage of misguided parents actually is.

The minute that AoA allows all voices from the autism community a voice, the minute that AoA checks its facts before running bullshit information, the minute that it becomes apparent that AoA has anything other than a victim mentality (they --insert your particular bogey man-- did this to my child and I have to do everything I can to eradicate this soul-stealing shadow-making theft of my child) and quits hawking the wares of nutraceutical companies that will heal your child, I might consider toning down my rhetoric.

I will be here commenting for as long as AoA exists in the capacity it does today, as long as it is out there convincing parents of newly diagnosed children that it is their fault because they vaccinated their child, but that's okay, because we've got all the answers to recover your child, but hey, if your child doesn't recover, it must be because you didn't do enough of the right megavitamins, HBOT, chelation, GFCF diet, you just didn't try hard enough.

As long as Jenny gets to go out and scream at others who disagree with her interpretation of reality, well, then I'm gonna do my metaphorical shout-out here.

AoA does what it does because there is money to it. Look at all their nice sponsors. Look at all the attention they get, the people they get to convert to paranoid conspiracy theorists who think that big government, scientists, and drug companies are out to poison their children, but it's okay because the DAN docs have the answers. If those answers don't work, it's big government, scientists, and the drug companies' fault.

I have no respect for the people running AoA. They are dishonest. They have no interest in working with the larger autism community, for focusing on adaptive coping skills, for creating a supportive network. They have an agenda and that their loyal readers who have bought into the idea of "recovering" their child don't see that illustrates much about them.

When I'm not here working to counter the worst of the things that AoA and Huff put on or let on, I'll be at Detritus working to foster an acceptance and appreciation for those of us who are different from the neurotypical population. And when I'm not there, well, I'll be as many places as I can, working to change the misguided perceptions of autism that Jenny and company are creating.

One last thing. Do you see parents of children with Down or parents of children with MCA/MR screaming frantically that their children were stolen from them and need to be recovered?

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