Why AoA is NOT where you should go for science

I've focused on this particular poster before. If AoA censors this commenter, I'd for one love to see the posts that don't make it on. AoA doesn't temper these posts, doesn't counter them, just let's the crazy speak for itself without calling it out. And I believe I've been bluntly honest on calling batshit crazy flat out. Well, here you go: passing Dachel in the lead for the here's your all out-flat out dangerous whacko award of the week:

"I am a total freaking anti vaccine mom, and I am proud to where the badge of honor. I see proof in my own life, that they have no place in our family, especially because, my grandchildren have no autism, all boys..so..if our family had a GREAT disposition to autism (a boy and girl with autism), then we would have seen it exptressed by now? PLUEEZ. Autism, is a modern day disease, forced on children who already have damaged pathways, cellular health, etc. It is also forced on us by propoganda lies. This is the russian roullete game of our century. Endorsed, by stupid junk science, if that.
Do not fear a childhod illness, we lived through them in the fifties just fine.."



kathleen said...

AAAAHHHHHHH...Run Away!! damaged pathways??( does this have to do with my lack of gardening skills?) Junk science...They lived through them in the fifties just fine???!!! So why were iron lungs and leg braces invented? Style? All I can say is a way big WTF??!!!

KWombles said...

:-) If you haven't had the distinct experience of reading Kathy's posts over at AoA, it is truly an illuminating experience, but not for the faint-hearted. Now whenever you or I are out in the garden we'll be thinking of this lady!