Warmin' the cockles of me heart, he is

Twice in one day for the sign. You really have to be impressed.
Gotta love Doug. I'm telling you multiple personalities.

"wrote the following to kwombles, where I explain it was only fear I was equating & not in any way comparing vaccination to the holocaust"

Kwombly is a deranged word twister with no medical background. She likes to talk for the medical community and they have no problem letting her. They can't come up with better wording. Her problem is she forgot about the fact that everyone now has ADD or ADHD. I'm sure it's all genetic but anyway no one is willing to sit there and read line after line of rambling. She would do better to put spaces inbetween her sentences.So no matter what you say, her job is to attack it. Don't people find it strange that someone can NEVER agree?"

Frakkin moderators won't let my comments to him on. They gonna win an award this week for SURE.

So, Duggie,

Tell me how you really feel. Any time. Seriously. You are welcome to comment. :-)

Just as I have an odd fondness for Moffie, so to do I have one for you. You certainly keep me guessing what mood you'll be in when you post.

You were a friggin ass on this one, though, buddy. Just so you know.


angela said...

My comments are not showing up either
sorry kwombles I tried to respond, but apparently my attempt of

"The only persons on this lengthy series of posts that fit your description of "Don't people find it strange that someone can NEVER agree?"" would be mofffiefrommars and dugamze. please try to refrain from posting what is only a personal attack with no basis in the subject at hand."

As for the 'rambling' accusation it is again moffiefrommars that takes the cake on this.

KWombles said...

That's alright. They're letting Moffie and Doug on but not mine right now. Maybe they'll come over here. Apparently Doug doesn't appreciate this site, but doesn't care to offer rebuttals to my arguments. His choice.

Lisa said...

I too had a post end up in purgatory addressing the incoherent, rambling, repetitive posts of mofmars333.

It's been a frustrating few hours on HuffPo - I did get some really good ones through though. ;)