The Truth as Moffie Saw It

"Hey, why can't you cool your jets? It was the truth as I saw it. I didn't just make it all up. I didn't know anything about the holocaust back then but remembering the fear I had & what I learned later about what happened to those poor souls, it did come clear to my mind, in associating that fear. It's still so vivid in my mind & is one of those memories, when looking back, that for some reason, just stands out. I don't see anyone else offended or reading more into it than was meant. I think you're just mad at me because you can't get the better of me in these debates as you & others try so hard to do. That's because when one has truth on their side, people paying attention, can plainly see it for what it is & that stings some people.That's where the saying comes in that goes, "The truth hurts", you know? To be able to see through the illusions one needs to have an open mind & decent heart for determining fairly, matters & issues important to our people."


This was is response to my post to her: Thank you for putting your words right back out there. I'm not twisting here. That you don't see that says a great deal about you. Either you absolutely are equating gun violence ("shot my dol & Dad, then me as I screamed") and the holocaust ("it was similar to the fear that must have been in the hearts of holocaust victims, as they were lined up. I just knew something evil was going on, even as a child.") and see nothing wrong with that OR you've been told repeatedly that you have, now you've had it shown explicitly to you here, and you either don't see it or do and don't care.Either way, you need to understand you went over the line, well past good taste and decency, well past anything remotely resembling reality and your refusal to back away from it, to acknowledge that offense speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.Balls in your court. A decent person would acknowledge this, would say, I meant no offense; perhaps my words went farther than I intended. I did not mean to equate gun violence and the holocaust with vaccination.If you don't do this, then my respect for you will be greatly diminished. Good people admit when they are wrong. They own their words and they make things right when they've set them wrong.

Her words: "You're twisted my words, as usual.I was talking about fear that was in my heart as a child & others may have felt it, too, for that matter.I was equating the "fear" of lining up with others in grade school, to get vaccinations, to the fear victims of that terrible holocaust might have felt lining up, for what many didn't even know, what for, at the time. I'm sure most knew it was bad, maybe even death in the minds of some.Fears, fear no matter how you try to spin this.Here's what I wrote;I have terrible memories of being vaccinated when I was a toddler. I ran out and hid when they tried to jab me. I remember running down a corridor & hiding under a desk in a hall. I watched feet, for who knows how long, before they found me. I just knew it was bad. They shot my doll & Dad, then me as I screamed. Years later in grade school we were lined up. I vividly remember the morbid feeling of doom, as I looked at the faces of all the other children around me. A doctor & nurses in white coats lined us up. It seems to me now, looking back as that child, it was similar to the fear that must have been in the hearts of holocaust victims, as they were lined up. I just knew something evil was going on, even as a child.posted Jun 10,"

My response to her latest post telling me to cool my jet:

I assure I am not mad at you, nor do I feel you're winning this debate; you'd have to actually state a position and offer evidence, then counter the other's argument and evidence. I don't see you doing that.I also see you aren't going to own your words nor admit that they were over the line. Open mind not something you have and if you continue to equate the fear you had about getting a vaccination with the fear the holocaust victims felt before they were lined up and shot or lined up and led into the gas chambers, well, I'm not going to cool my jets. I'm going to make sure that it's obvious to anyone who happens across your words that these two things are equivalent to you. No illusions and at this point I'd really question your decent heart. Our people? Whose people?

And now she responds to another poster asking her to explain:

"They were pretending, of course. And when I chose the words that they shot them I could have said jabbed or a number of other things. I usually say what comes to mind & that was what did.I see how you're offended & read something more than it was, now, but it was just a choice of words that was suitable, for what I was thinking of as a child. You know, I was getting a shot so they shot my doll, too. No big deal, except the one you want to make of it."


This is one of the reasons why she keeps the chickenshit award. She could have said she was wrong and overstated her case and apologized for any offense. She could have said they were her words and she meant everyone of them. But she didn't. So, there you go.

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