Sometimes I really wish I could get a post on over there...

"I think the unvaccinated have NO AUTISM, and I think the ones who did get autism without a vaccine have lyme encephalopathy in utero or another infection which caused and damaged early beta cells. Again, autism is usually and typically caused by infections, toxins and metabolic crisis's matched with deficient immune/nutritional capital."


You think Kim Stagliano will respond to this comment and admit that her youngest daughter received no vaccinations and yet is autistic? Bet you money she won't. ****I cannot find the source for this information, and I do not remember which post/blog/comment of hers it was, so I will concede I could be wrong on this. I'd email Kim and ask, but I am pretty sure she would not answer me. So, consider this allegation unconfirmed for now and something I would immediately retract if Kim Stagliano asserted that all three of her children were vaccinated.****

However, I will leave the reader with this quote from Kim: "Genetics may load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger. " http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kim-stagliano/conducting-autism-researc_b_190007.html?page=2&show_comment_id=23469389#comment_23469389

Beyond that, I love the certainty this poster has. She's got all the answers. Easier that way, ain't it?

And another gem from the same poster:

"As a matter of a fact, it's best for kids to get these diseases, rather than in adulthood where they are about to have babies, or whatever...I would rather to have my kids have one week of fevers and spots (with supportive nutrients), than a lifetime of autism...sorry, not buying the politically correct message."

Certainty feels so good, so right, doesn't it? Almost as good as righteous anger. It's scary to live in a world where one admits to uncertainty, acknowledges that there is rarely certainty in the world, that answers, at least scientific ones, are constantly undergoing modification. Scientists, the really good ones who get that, and reason-based, rationalists whether scientists or not, get that, too. Living in uncertainty means we might have to go oops, I was wrong about this and alter our way of thinking.


Connie said...

I told my sister, who is a regular reader of AoA, that one of Kim's autistic children is unvaccinated. Came as a complete surprise to her, and I don't think she totally believed me.

I wonder what Kim's explanation for her unvaccinated child's autism is?

KWombles said...

I'm trying to pin down where I read that about Kim's youngest, and as soon as I have the source, I will add it. If I can't find it, I'll acknowledge that since I can't find it, I can't confirm it. If I'm wrong on that, I'll acknowledge it, but I'm fairly confident of that information. But Kim S has written a lot of stuff in a lot of places, so it may take some time. ;-)

Nostrum said...


"My youngest had a traumatic inutero injury with birth related oxygen issues and inherited a mercury/toxin load from me. You know, the genetics part."

So she still blames vaccines even without the vaccines. The stubborn woo is strong with this one. Later on, it's all about the mercury, since she refused vaccines and apparently ate tons of tuna instead? She really doesn't make much sense.

Nostrum said...

I guess elsewhere she claims her father was a dentist and must have infected her with teh mercury, and all her challenged testing for mercury proves she's full of it.

Well, she is full of it. Is she still going on about mercury poisoning = autism, or has that tune now changed. I'm too lazy to keep googling today.

KWombles said...

And then she writes this, too, same blog postin the comments: "Kim Stagliano said...
Nurse - I thought I was not vaccinating my third - but I forgot the vitamin K at birth. I had a sign in her Isolette NO HEP B! But neglected to say No Vitamin K!"

Okay, vitamin K is not a vaccine. She knows that, right?

Thanks for tracking that down for me. :-)

Nostrum said...

Yeah, I caught that too. Vitamin K is also teh ebil. Let the babies bleed to death, I say!

KWombles said...